International Assets Investment Management LLC expands holdings as necessary Retail REIT, Inc.

International Assets Investment Management LLC, a global investment firm and financial services provider, has made its move to expand its holdings in The Necessity Retail REIT, Inc. (RTL). According to their most recent Form 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), they were able to purchase a total of 26,065 shares of RTL stock valued at approximately $170,000 during the fourth quarter.

This strategic decision by the management of International Assets Investment Management LLC is sure to create waves in the industry. It is worth noting that The Necessity Retail REIT, Inc. specializes in investing in retail properties that house businesses considered essential to everyday life – this includes petrol stations, convenience stores, supermarkets and even pharmacies. This means that these types of retail outlets tend to be resilient to economic downturns due to their necessity in everyday life.

With the impact of current market volatility on companies around the world, undoubtedly felt last year and this year so far due to ongoing issues with the coronavirus pandemic and climate-impacting natural disasters such as droughts and floods causing supply chain disruptions worldwide deliveries; unsurprisingly, investors are looking for those reliable ‘can’t-live-without’ service sectors with a regular income stream like retail investment trusts like RTL among others.

The recent acquisition of RTL by International Assets Investment Management LLC strengthens its efforts to take advantage of promising opportunities in the real estate sector. By exposing solid retail foundations managed by professional property managers who deal with aspects such as maintenance costs or tenant relations; Investors looking for efficiency through less direct involvement may find that investing in some diversified commercial real estate alternatives, such as REITs, is an excellent match.

Overall, this new move by International Assets Investment Management LLC will not only benefit their clients, but may raise other interested like-minded investors involved in finding attractive returns within reliable property-based assets for opportunities with a reliable development potential.

Institutional Investors Take Attention: Necessity Retail REIT, Inc. is emerging as a leading contender in commercial real estate investment

Investing in the stock market can be a confusing task, especially when faced with the vast amount of investment opportunities offered by different companies. One such company that has caught the attention of institutional investors is Necessity Retail REIT, Inc. This real estate investment trust is engaged in the acquisition and management of a portfolio of primarily service-oriented and traditional commercial real estate related to retail and distribution.

Institutional investors have taken notice of this relatively new player in the market, with several hedge funds investing significant amounts in Necessity Retail REIT stock. WealthPlan Investment Management LLC for example bought a new position valued at $84,000 while B. Riley Wealth Advisors Inc. purchased shares worth $557,000 during the third quarter. These investments were followed by Kalos Management Inc., which made its own purchase worth $149,000.

Additionally, Sunbelt Securities Inc. grew its holdings by 6.5% during the same period and now owns over 260,000 shares valued at a total of $1,533,000 after recently acquiring an additional 15,000 plus shares. Among those purchases is the recent acquisition of California State Teachers Retirement System worth about $983,000.

With institutional investors owning 57.04% of the company’s stock and RTL shares opening at $5.91 on Tuesday with a market cap of $793 million – it’s clear that Necessity Retail REIT is not to be taken lightly.

Although it has a fifty-two week low of $5.46 and a high of $8.19 for its stock price, the numbers don’t lie in the accurate assessment of business value; an aspect in which this company has consistently performed well given its steady growth rates.

For those considering investing in Necessity Retail REIT, we would advise that it is indeed one to watch very closely as industry experts predict fascinating developments in terms of profitable dividend patterns and stable income streams; both promising outcomes for a successful investment portfolio.

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