Iron Bull Wrist Straps Review

Iron Bull Unleash wrist straps can take your lifts to the next level

When it comes to your big lifts, tow lifts in particular like dead lift and rowing movementssometimes yours grip can prevent weight shifting, and your back day may suffer. You know how it is, you’re pulling a heavy weight and you can feel yourself struggling to hold on and recruiting other muscle groups in the process, which can really prolong your gains. That being said, turning to lifting belts (wrist straps) can be the way to go as they eliminate the possibility of error when it comes to moving any weight in your pull-ups. With so many options, there are a lot of cheap wrist straps that can break and not do the job. However, Iron Bull Wrist Straps are there to help you.

Let’s find out what wrist straps are, what to look for in a good wrist strap, and why Iron Bull wrist straps are the way to go when it comes to choosing them.

What are wrist bands?

When it comes to our large lifts in fitnessmany of us will focus more on supplements like protein powders, creatineand preliminary training, and we forget that great fitness tools exist to help us along the way. A good pair of weightlifting bands is perfect for those of us who lift heavy weights and want that extra help to promote better grip and really work to build up the weight to fire up our muscles. Lifting such huge amounts of weight is a feat that seems too daunting for some, but for your bodybuilding goals it is a necessity. What a good pair of lifting belts will do is provide comfort and assistance to negate any hesitation you have about lifting that weight.

Many people think that wristbands and straps are the same thing, but in reality they are very different. Here’s where they differ:

Wrist wraps are used to provide support around your wrist during a lift, many times you’ll see them used with “press day” movements like bed or shoulder press. This can be for a number of reasons, such as support, but more often than not, it’s great for those in recovery injuryor those who know their wrist is a little more vulnerable to injury and pain.

Lifting belts, or wrist straps, aren’t so much for protection as they are for improving your grip as you increase your weight. Used as a way to provide support when your grip fails, they will boosting profits and work to really challenge your muscles to grow.

What to look for with lifting belts

When looking for a quality pair of lifting belts, there are a few things to look out for. It’s important to have only the best when it comes to quality and durability because you want your straps to be maintained for long-term use. Comfort and flexibility are also very important as you look for the best support for your lifts. An awkward strap can cause discomfort that prevents you from lifting. Finally, we look at the price. We know fitness equipment can be expensive, and we’re looking for the best options at affordable prices so you can maximize all your gains.

Iron Bull Unleash Wrist Straps

Iron Bull Wrist Straps

Iron Bull Strength’s Unleash Wrist Straps are made of durable nylon and provide a firm grip on the bar so you can lift heavier weights without straining your arms and grip.

Now that you know what wrist straps do and what to look for when shopping for one, let’s take a look at the Iron Bull Wrist Straps, one of our top picks for wrist straps.


  • Nylon material
  • Level 3 Strength
  • Wrist support: 5mm neoprene pad
  • Top stitched contour
  • 24 inches long
  • 1.5 inches wide
  • Lasso style
  • Sold in pairs

Basic functions

  • Material: The Iron Bull Strength Unleash Lifting Straps are made of strong nylon and help you secure a firm grip bars, dumbbellscable attachments or recruitment barbells, allowing you to handle heavier weights and more reps without straining your arms and compromising your grip.
  • Adjustability: Another key feature is that these straps are adjustable to accommodate any wrist size, meaning that if you don’t get your the forearm work in similar Sulek himself assuming they will still fit your baby’s wrists.
  • Support pad: Not to mention, the Iron Bull Unleash wrist straps use a soft, 5mm neoprene support pad. Although it may sound unnecessary, the cushioned pad supports proper lifting technique and helps distribute weight evenly across your wrists, allowing for a longer, more comfortable workout.
  • Stitched outline: Not only do the supportive pads help, but so does the unique top-stitched strap loop. This innovative design places the stitch at the top of the loop to help prevent the stitches from rubbing against the skin. This helps ensure that your lifting sessions are as comfortable as possible. Some of the cheaper options with less comfortable materials can not only cause discomfort, but also scratch your wrists while lifting.

Shift more weight

With these high-quality bands, you’ll find yourself pushing harder than ever in the gym, paving the way for unprecedented strength gains and muscle growth. The extra grip will help you do an extra rep or two, or if you’re training muscle failurethey will help you stay on the bar and be able to do more parts.

Don’t let a weak grip hinder your progress. Place your order today and step up your lifting game with Unleash lifting bands.

Who Should Buy Iron Bull Lifting Belts?

  • Bodybuilders: Bodybuilders who want to improve their pull-ups and get them additional repetitions c, taking the stress off their forearms and getting a really good back workout can really benefit from the Iron Bull Unleash Lifting Straps.
  • Powerlifters: Powerlifters looking to add weight to their movements, such as the deadlift, will benefit greatly from the Unleash lifting bands.
  • Average gym goer: The average gym goer who just wants to move more weight or do a few more reps can benefit from Unleash Lifting Straps.


You can pick up a pair of Iron Bull Unleash Wrist Straps for just $22.00! While this is more expensive than the $5 option at your standard Walmart, the Iron Bull wrist straps won’t wear and tear after a few months.

For the company

Iron Bull Strength is your ultimate destination for the best fitness equipment and accessories to pack your gym bag with. Iron Bull Strength has a true passion for helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts reach their peak performance, we have built a reputation for providing high quality products that are designed to withstand the toughest workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

That being said, there may be some questions you still have, so let’s check it out.

Are weightlifting straps allowed in competitions?

In most powerlifting federations, you are not allowed to use weight lifting bands during the lifts. That being said, they are still good to use during training as they can help pull more weights and use progressive overload.

Do weight lifting straps eliminate the use of your forearms?

Although weight lifting straps help lift more weight, they really take a lot of use out of your forearms and even your biceps. That being said, if you want to get Popeye-sized forearms, you’re better off not using straps and instead training them separately.

Do weight lifting straps help you use your back more?

Weight lifting bands help you get better mind-muscle connection to the back muscles as they take the strain off the forearms.

Wrap it up

Overall, weight lifting straps are great tools to help you increase your size and strength when pulling. Now there are many options, but you want something that will provide a comfortable material and get the job done, and the Iron Bull Strength Unleash Wrist Straps do just that.

Will you try them?

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