Is AI the future of fashion trend forecasting?

Why were there so many polo shirts on the runway this season? And all those see-through dresses on Instagram? Why are silhouettes changing from skinny to wide and vice versa? And how ballet shoes came to be so popular?

It’s nice to think that all of these trends are a byproduct of the spontaneous convergence of taste among people around the world, but in fact, the popularity of these styles—especially when they’re transitioned from the runway to retailers—is the result of a deliberate process of collation and analysis. of data known as trend forecasting. Since trend forecasting as we know it began around the 1960s, people have been attending fashion shows, browsing magazines, studying street style, surveying stores and, more recently, scrolling through social media to sell brands insight into what people are buying. now and what they are likely to buy in the future.

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