Is it worth the investment?


  • Air New Zealand offers an Economy Skycouch, transforming three economy seats into comfortable couch space.
  • The Skycouch is touted as a comfortable option for a variety of travel scenarios, including families.
  • Although more expensive than a single seat, the Skycouch can be worth it for families or groups traveling together.

Air New Zealand offers extra luxury in its economy Skycouch cabin. The world’s first seating option allows three economy seats to be transformed into a ‘couch’ after take-off. Available on select aircraft and routes, the comfortable mattress and pillow allow for a more comfortable and personal experience at a price cheaper than the Business and First Class cabins.

The economical Skycouch

A row of economy seats can be transformed into a comfortable sofa on which passengers can stretch out or lie down during the flight. The three-seater space becomes personal for passengers, which can be shared with family and friends.

Photo: Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand touts the Skycouch as an amenity in many passenger options. Below is a list of passenger scenarios and possible Skycouch offerings.

Passengers Recommended Skycouch seating Suggestions
One or two adults One Skycouch You have a personal order for yourself
One adult with one or two children One Skycouch A separate row plus seat belts for children is available
One adult with two babies One Skycouch + extra seat Separate row, child seat belts and an extra seat for the second child in an approved car seat
Two adults with one child One Skycouch + extra seat Separate row, belt for children and additional seat for an adult
Two adults with more than one child Two Skycouches or one Skycouch + extra seat Private rows, seat belts for children and an extra seat

Availability and prices

Economy Skycouch is available on selected routes and aircraft. The airline allows passengers to upgrade their economy class seats to purchase a Skycouch. Each leg of the flight must be upgraded to a Skycouch if the passenger requires one. The airline indicates on which flights the Skycouch option is available.


What are the ins and outs of Air New Zealand’s Economy Skycouch seats?

An economical way to add some luxury to economy class

Doing a quick price search for the Skycouch, it is significantly more expensive than the single passenger seat. Although the price is not equal to three seats, as claimed by the airline, it is still expensive.

A mother sleeping with her child on Air New Zealand's Skycouch product.

Photo: Air New Zealand

For example, an economy class flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Auckland (AUK) is $985. Upgrading the leg to the Skycouch costs an additional $1,014. Return from AUK to LAX costs $1,090 and Skycouch adds another $1,230 to the fare. Total round trip in January 2024 between LAX and AUK on Economy Skycouch costs $4319.

Is it really worth the money?

With the above pricing, it is clear that the fare is significantly more expensive (more than twice) than the single ticket. We ask ourselves Is the price cheaper than the three economy seats? yes Is it more affordable than a business class seat? yes Is it worth it for one traveler? No.

As the Skycouch can be shared with family and friends, it can be worthwhile with a family of two with a child or an adult with two children, as indicated by the airline. It is important to note that the Skycouch can accommodate a maximum of three passengers.

What do you think of Air New Zealand’s Economy Skycouch? Have you traveled with this innovative seating capacity? Share your experience in the comments section.

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