‘It just didn’t resonate’: Percy Jackson makers express ‘disappointment’ with unpopular film adaptations

Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan revealed that Disney’s TV adaptation of his fantasy book series gave him an “opportunity” to buy back the franchise after the poorly received film adaptations.

The 2010s Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and 2013 Percy Jackson: Sea of ​​Monsters failed to capture the public’s imagination – and convince them to part with their hard-earned cash – at a time when teenage fantasy was all the rage. Indeed, despite other hit book series—namely, Harry Potter and Dusk – becoming cinematic hits, the Percy Jackson duology failed to capture lightning in a bottle, with its film adaptations earning 49% and 42% critical scores respectively.

When Disney called to inquire about Riordan and his wife/executive producing partner Rebecca Riordan’s interest in turning their much-loved novels into a Disney Plus show, the duo felt the opportunity to Percy Jackson justice and create a suitable screen adaptation. The result is Percy Jackson and the Olympiansan eight-part series (the first episode of which will also be available on Hulu) that will finally live up to the books in the eyes of many, Riordan claims.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians debuts on Disney Plus on December 20. (Image: 20th Television/Disney Plus)

Speaking to TechRadar at the UK show, Reardon said: “The major change [from the films] is that this time we were involved – we were allowed to participate – which makes all the difference. Becky and I went to LA and started having conversations and telling people, “look, you can do a new adaptation.” After many months of this, we were able to shake off the film rights and turn them over to Disney so we could make a series. We were very clear that it had to be TV because TV gives you a wider canvas.”

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