“It was insanely dark!” HasanAbi asks fitness enthusiast and cosplayer Leanbeefpatty what scares her

During Hasan’s latest Twitch stream ‘HasanAbi’, he interviewed popular fitness enthusiast and cosplayer Patricia ‘Leanbeefpatty’. As they discussed various things with her and Bradley Martin, the subject of fear came up. The streamer asked the cosplayer what she was afraid of and she took it to an incredibly real place without hesitation.

She was about to bring up the one thing that horrified her, and judging by HassanAbi’s reaction, he wasn’t expecting such an answer.

“It was insanely dark, dude! What the hell?”

The Twitch interview between HasanAbi and Leanbeefpatty went dark quickly

(Clip starts at 4:55:09)

Leanbeefpatty is a TikTok content creator and cosplayer with 4M+ followers on the platform and 100K+ on Twitter. Well known for her fitness content and excellent costumes, she recently sat down with HassanAbi and Bradley Martin to discuss several topics; but eventually they started talking about fear.

“What else, what else. I don’t know, what scares you?”

Instead of giving a simple answer like an animal or a type of person, Leanbeefpatty immediately talked about existential dread and what he fears the most.

“Um, the only thing that really scares me is getting to the last stage of your life and looking back on it and being unsatisfied or disappointed. That’s it. Nothing else, really.

Existential fear, or the fear of not thinking your life is wasted, is certainly something that people often struggle with mentally. Leanbeefpatty dropped it in there without hesitation, which seemed to shock HassanAbi.

“It was insanely dark, dude! What the hell? What the hell? I thought you were going to say like spiders! What the hell was that?

Bradley and Leanbeefpatty said it was something they had previously discussed on another podcast. It was clear from HassanAbi’s response that he was expecting something else. The Twitch streamer said he now worries about existential dread, thanks to Leanbeefpatty’s response.

A Reddit comment discusses aging and existential dread

While many LiveStreamFails threads devolve into insults and insults, this was different. Many looked back on their relationships with their parents and seemed to think seriously about existential dread. Some talked about the song named after Leanbeefpatty listed after this clip, but most just looked back on dark moments.

Instead of mockery and insults, this thread was filled with dark moments and self-reflection (Image via LiveStreamFails/Reddit)

Several people talked about their parents getting old, with one Redditor stating that they didn’t expect to talk about very real topics like this in the LSF thread. This is usually a place where people say terrible things about live streamers and content creators.

Other users shared how they wished they had a better relationship with their parents and regretted reflecting on the time they spent with them. It was a very dark topic thanks to this video by HasanAbi.

Some Redditors talked about their parents and how they don’t have enough time (Image via Reddit)

Some would focus on their parents and how unpleasant or unhappy things were. Several Redditors in this thread lost their parents at a young age, or about to lose them, given health and dietary issues.

While not everyone was upset about the impending loss of their parents, many looked back on life (Image via Reddit)

One comment said that they would feel relieved when their parents died because of growing up in an abusive household. It may not have been HasanAbi’s intention, but it created a moment of reflection and solidarity in the LiveStreamFails subReddit.

Although Hassan would eventually get things back on track in the live stream for a few moments, he seemed shaken by the content creator’s candid view on life and death.

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