IV therapy is a hot new wellness trend

A client receives a cocktail of minerals and vitamins through intravenous therapy to revitalize her immune system.

Acupuncture Plus, Drip Therapies collaborate to offer infusions for vitamin replenishment, rehydration and detoxification.

The patient has an IV in her arm but is not in the emergency department. No hospital bed, no fluorescent lighting — just soft lights and a relaxed atmosphere. She is completely relaxed and leaning back in a comfortable chair while an IV drips a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and amino acids into her blood.

The patient is at Acupuncture Plus Holistic Center in Spring Hill. She is under the direct care of holistic practitioner and acupuncturist Dr. Susan Phillips and receives intravenous therapy, also called intravenous hydration or vitamin drips, a method of delivering vitamins, minerals and water through a person’s veins instead of by mouth.

Susan Phillips, RN, MT, AP, DOM founded Acupuncture Plus in 2001. She is a Certified Critical Care and Trauma Nurse Practitioner, Holistic Practitioner and Acupuncturist in the State of Florida. Phillips began her career in the healing arts in 1975 and has been practicing in Hernando County since 2001. She is nationally board certified in Chinese Herbology and Acupuncture.
“I did my post-graduate work in China,” she explained, “I wanted to learn from the same people who have been doing this kind of healing for over 5,000 years. It was a rich experience.”

“But that’s just a small piece of the pie,” Phillips said. “Holistic treatment includes proper nutrition as well as a well-rounded approach to health.”
“Intravenous therapy has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years and is a way to revitalize your immune system, improve hydration, improve your mood and improve your overall well-being,” Phillips said.

That’s why Acupuncture Plus and Drip Therapies are now working together to offer the best in holistic services to their clients.
“It’s a perfect marriage,” said Veronika Trollerud, CEO of Drip Therapies. Trollerud is a Nationally Licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalist (NCCAOM), receiving his Masters in Oriental Medicine from the College of Acupuncture Massage in Miami, Florida. She studied for 18 months in Shanghai, China and oversaw the IV room where they administered not only vitamins but also herbs. From there, her idea for drip therapies was born.

Treatments fall into four categories: hydration, performance, health and beauty. Drip therapies are also available to come to your home, office, hotel or event with minimal patient requirements. “Intravenous hydration therapy is very effective because it delivers key nutrients straight into your bloodstream,” Veronica said. “If you’re dehydrated, exhausted, or have just had a busy few days, a vitamin infusion can help you hydrate and combat headaches, brain fog, and fatigue, which are often signs that you haven’t been drinking enough water.” she said. “Electrolytes like calcium, magnesium and potassium are essential to keep us well hydrated.”

After a free consultation with Dr. Phillips at her clinic, a customized solution will be mixed, applied and monitored. A cannula is inserted into a person’s vein, usually in the crook of their arm, and then attached with a tube to an IV bag containing the necessary fluids. An infusion session usually lasts from 20 minutes to an hour and takes place within the holistic center, with licensed medical professionals supervising and monitoring the infusion.

The cost of drip therapy varies entirely based on the recommendations of the medical professional, as the fluids or nutrition are specific to each person in need of treatment. Infusions can cost as little as $90 or up to $200 for a treatment.

Drip Therapies also offers a Drip of the month with a 10% discount on the price. Drops of the Month vary from month to month and may include: Myers’ Cocktail — adding all the vitamins and antioxidants you need in one infusion to supercharge your immune system. Or maybe Skinny Drip, which will help your body metabolize fat and improve endurance and performance.

“We also offer intravenous therapy if you’ve had a little too much alcohol the night before,” Veronica said. “This particular drop will reduce nausea, vomiting and headaches and rehydrate your body with essential vitamins. You will feel much better immediately.”

Acupuncture Plus Clinic offers the best in holistic care with natural remedies such as acupuncture, nutritional supplements and massage. The clinic also offers a full range of tests, from heavy metals to hormone tests. Visit facebook.com/AcupuncturePlusHolisticCenter/
For more information about drip therapies, contact [email protected] or visit driptherapies.com.

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