Jennifer Lopez talks about her wellness priorities in 2023

At dawn at 5 a.m., Jennifer Lopez goes sprinting — like, really kicking ass — down the beach. That would be a big ask for any celeb for a simple ad spot (I’m just looking), but for J Lo, it’s kind of NBD.

“I’ve had to perform at a high level for many years, so it’s important to find the right balance to go harder and get better without compromising on things that are important to me.”

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Over the past few years, Lopez has become known for her incredible dedication to fitness. The actress, singer and all-around global superstar has become so synonymous with wellness that she’s now the spokesperson for Bodyarmor sports drink, the company behind the ad in question, which just launched as part of its “Choose More” campaign featuring Lopez.

We’ve seen JLo pumping iron a lot over the years, both with her ex-fiancé, ex-pro baseball player Alex Rodriguez, and on her own. But in case the new video has you wondering, yes, she’s on the run too. “The campaign is a look behind how I stay motivated, which includes running as one of the many ways I like to challenge myself,” Lopez tells POPSUGAR. “The aim of the BODYARMOR LYTE campaign is to show how you can push the boundaries to be the best version of yourself.”

In addition to running and lifting, JLo does a lot of cardio in the studio. “I was dancing a lot for the past two months as I prepare for the release of my album, so it’s become my main fitness routine,” she says. Her ninth album, “This Is Me. . . Now,” is slated for release this summer and has been billed as an “emotionally raw and honest” album with a sprinkling of upbeat dance tracks that we’re sure will come with their own breathtaking choreography.

While the internet tends to obsess over how good she looks, for Lopez, exercise isn’t about aesthetics: it’s just an important ingredient needed to help her perform her best. “Working out is a choice I make every day, and I feel like it unlocks the best version of me,” she tells POPSUGAR. “I’ve had to perform at a high level for many years, so it’s important to find the right balance to go harder and get better without compromising on things that are important to me.”

Indeed, the clip of Lopez releasing albums, videos, blockbusters and other projects like her beauty line can make anyone feel burnt out. But she learned early on that putting health first was critical to sustaining her continuing career. After experiencing panic attacks in her late 20s from lack of rest, Lopez cut out caffeine and began prioritizing sleep and exercise on her doctor’s advice. “I realized how serious the consequences can be of neglecting what my body and mind need to be healthy — and that’s where my journey to wellness began,” she wrote in the July 2022 issue of its newsletter On the JLo.

JLo’s overall goal is to “live a very healthy and balanced life,” as she writes in the newsletter, and that means working out regularly, getting enough sleep, eating well and staying hydrated. “Incorporating hydration into my day is a top priority for me as it helps me perform at my best. For me, hydration is key to keep me going and having the energy to do whatever I want my body to do,” she tells POPSUGAR, which is part of the reason behind her collaboration with Bodyarmor.

Whether she’s busy touring, filming or recording a new album, JLo says she doesn’t sacrifice self-care. “I always find a way to prioritize my physical and mental health.” And if one of Hollywood’s busiest stars can do it, that’s all we need to make time for ourselves.

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