Jersey Girls Women’s Fitness Center has opened in Westville. Plus an update on Giant Fitness Blackwood

Jersey Girls Women’s Fitness Center has opened a large 15,000 square foot women’s only gym in Westville NJ (1060 Broadway). The building was formerly Club Fitness.

The Jersey Girl Female Fitness Center brand was developed by the Giant Fitness family.

There are several Jersey Girls locations (attached to Giant Fitness gyms), but the Westville location is the first where the entire large building is focused as a women-only Jersey Girls Fitness Center.

Many gyms have dedicated fitness areas for women, but a key difference with Jersey Girls is that they offer a truly separate area where women can focus on their workout.

Jersey Girls Fitness is open in Westville NJ. A dedicated gym for women only.

And with Jersey Girls’ new Westville location, from the moment a member parks their car, enters the gym, goes to the locker room, and then works out with the extensive array of fitness equipment… This entire experience will be for women only!

I recently spoke with Brittney, who runs the Jersey Girls division for Giant Fitness, as well as Sam, who owns the entire fitness company, and they shared with me what Jersey Girls is all about.

The idea for Jersey Girls started a few years ago as an expansion of a Giant Fitness location. What initially began as an experiment quickly proved so successful that they continued to add Jersey Girls locations to existing Giant Fitness gyms.

There are multiple women-only Jersey Girl gyms, but the new Westville location is a freestanding building. From the parking lot, to practice, and back to the car.

While I haven’t visited all of the locations, the main theme is that while there may be a shared front entrance counter with Giant, from that point on entry into the Jersey Girls section of the property is a dedicated women-only facility.

And as mentioned, the entire Westville facility is dedicated to women-only fitness!

The Westville location actually opened a few months ago and I had a chance to visit before they opened. The local manager there gave me a tour of the facility and I was able to take the photos you see here.

The Jersey Girls Fitness Club Experience

When it’s time to work out…Jersey Girls’ main focus is on body tone and strength.

The weight machine offers a full-body workout experience, but is designed for the shape and needs of female exercisers.

Just like a large co-ed gym, there are weight machines (and free weights) for every part of the body… and loads of equipment!

The new Jersey Girl Women’s Fitness in Westville is a large space filled with equipment and a large cardio mezzanine on the second floor.

And, of course, cardio is a huge part of the total wellness experience.

At Jersey Girls, you’ll find a great selection of the latest technology for treadmills, exercise bikes and more.

What are you going to do? NO found at Jersey Girls are spin classes, Zumba, yoga or other group fitness classes.

In fact, at the Westville location, the space that was previously used by the gym for classes now houses cardio machines.

To explain this guideline, Sam and Brittany told me that too much cardio can actually work against muscle development and tone.

Sam supported this point by mentioning to me by comparison that there is probably no athlete who is more advanced in cardio than say a marathoner…and they are usually very thin because all that cardio works against muscle development and body tone.

Heads of stairs and an exercise bike at the New Jersey Girl gym in Westville. Through the windows you can see the treadmills that overlook the gym

The large selection of treadmills, bikes and other cardio equipment at Jersey Girls are a perfect and balanced way to get an amazing cardio workout without overdoing it.

The gym also offers on-site staff who, as part of the membership fee, will help members understand the proper use of any equipment in the facility and answer questions.

Members may also choose to sign up for more focused personal training (which has additional costs associated with these)

Exercise machines and free weights fill the large space of the Jersey Girls Fitness Center in Westville NJ

Brittany and Sam went on to explain the value that an environment like theirs can bring to the women’s fitness experience.

Club members can feel comfortable wearing whatever is best for their workout experience.

And with weight training equipment that focuses on individual muscle groups, the club member can find themselves in a variety of vulnerable positions. The women-only environment allows club members to focus on maximizing the gains from their exercise routine.

I have been told that this environment actually creates a very positive environment for camaraderie and new friendships between members. Many women, when attending traditional co-ed gyms, deliberately exclude everyone and just keep to themselves… so as not to attract unwanted attention.

Check out the Jersey Girls website for details and hours… or just stop by!

Body tone, strength and cardio fitness await you at Jersey Girls.

A view of the main floor of the gym at Jersey Girls Fitness, Westville NJ

Blackwood-Clementon Road Giant / Jersey Girl

In June 2020 I reported that Giant Fitness had purchased a large building on Blackwood-Clementon Rd in Gloucester. This is the entire building that sits behind Cherrywood Liquors and the former Friendly’s.

This new Giant location will actually be a relocation of the current Black Horse Pike gym, a few miles away.

On Blackwood-Clementon Road, the Giant/Jersey Girl Fitness sign is now up.

The plan for Blackwood-Clementon is to develop the large property into a Giant Fitness gym, a separate specialty gym, Jersey Girl’s Fitness Gym, and a variety of health and fitness stores, including Nutri-Shop and Clean Plate Meal Prep.

Basically… the Blackwood-Clementon Giant Fitness gym is still coming.

There were some delays in the construction process. While the gym is mostly a large open space, Giant is basically doing everything new.. the new HVAC systems and their electrical needs to run all the equipment can be significant… so it just takes time to put it all together.

Right now, they’re focused on putting the finishing touches on the space, but owner Sam isn’t ready to commit to an opening date.

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Jersey Girls Women’s Fitness Center – Westville
1060 Broadway,
Westville, New Jersey


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