Jimmy Barnes update sparks outpouring of support from fans: ‘Lucky’

Jimmy Barnes says he is “well and truly on the mend” after undergoing open-heart surgery.

The 67-year-old was rushed into surgery just before Christmas after complications from a bad bacterial infection.

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He underwent the surgery on December 13, and family and fans around the world were anxiously hoping for a good outcome.

Since then, Barnes has been keeping his social media followers updated on his recovery.

Posting on Instagram on Tuesday, he said he spent the day being looked after by granddaughter Ruby while his wife Jane cooked up a storm.

“@rubyrodger.s taking care of me today,” the former Cold Chisel frontman wrote.

“@jane13barnes made our tomato passata for meatball bucatini.

“I’m well and truly on the mend.

“I am so grateful for all your wishes, for my family, for everything.”

Barnes shared a sweet photo with Ruby, whose mother is Barnes’ daughter Mahalia.

Jimmy Barnes with his granddaughter Ruby. credit: Instagram/Jimmy Barnes

He also shared two photos of the delicious looking meal his wife was making.

Fans flocked to the comments section to wish him well and express their happiness that he is surrounded by a close and loving family.

“So happy you’re getting better,” one fan wrote.

“You look so good Jimmy,” remarked another.

“You’re lucky JB,” added a third.

“I’m so glad to see you looking a little better.”

‘A hard day’

After her surgery, Barnes shared some confronting images of her post-surgery scar, which stretches from her upper chest to her stomach.

In a separate post, his wife noted that three days after the operation, Barnes was able to walk 250 meters a day around the hospital.

Jimmy Barnes is recovering from open heart surgery. credit: Instagram/Jimmy Barnes

“Tough and fragile day but here’s a big brave smile for us,” she wrote, sharing a photo of Barnes grinning for the camera.

As a happy pre-Christmas present, Barnes was back home by December 22.

“Every test you can have under the sun. Bacterial pneumonia, back surgery, staph in his blood, open heart surgery,” Jane wrote, sharing a photo of her husband resting in bed as Teddy celebrated.

“Now Jimmy is home, grateful and happy.”

Jane and Jimmy Barnes are getting ready for Christmas. credit: Instagram/Jimmy Barnes

Before his surgery, Barnes posted a lengthy message explaining that he would be “out of action for a while” and that “it all happened very suddenly.”

“Unfortunately I received some bad news late yesterday… despite everyone’s best efforts, the bacterial infection I’ve been battling for the past two weeks has apparently now spread to my heart,” he wrote.

“It has infected an otherwise healthy valve that was replaced a few years ago due to a birth defect, so in the next few hours I will have open heart surgery to clear this infection and put in a clean valve.

“Obviously it’s going to take me out for a while.

“I know a lot of other people struggle with even worse things, but it still feels extremely frustrating.

“Just a few weeks ago I was in my best shape in decades!”

Jimmy Barnes made this statement before open heart surgery. credit: jimmybarnes/Instagram

He went on to talk about a string of upcoming shows, noting that his team will be rescheduling the dates due to the “sudden” nature of the surgery.

“As we hope you can appreciate, this all happened very suddenly, so it will take a few days for everyone to understand what will be possible with my upcoming shows,” he explained.

“I’m really sorry for any inconvenience this will cause, but please be patient while my team works hard to figure things out.

“A new plan will be announced as soon as possible.”

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