John Oliver takes aim at Elon Musk on ‘Last Week Tonight’

John Oliver took aim at Elon Musk on Sunday Last week tonight, hurling insults at the billionaire tech mogul on his final show of the year. “We thought we’d focus on someone who’s had a pretty big 12 months,” the evening host said of the owner of six companies, including SpaceX, Tesla, X (formerly Twitter) and xAI.

Oliver went on to portray Musk as “someone who can pull off almost any bad guy in a movie,” showing him in various outfits and poses.

“Here’s Lex Luthor posing for the cover of Metropolis Maniacs MonthlyOliver said. “There’s ‘Why not, Mr Bond, me and my child bride expect you to die.’ There’s ‘I’ve just bought your media company and I’m about to cut you loose.’ There’s the first racist sheriff in space, and finally, the less fucked-up reimagining of Billy Zane’s character in Titanic. Indeed, the man has a range.

Oliver went on to explain how Musk has made headlines this year “from the test launch of the most powerful missile ever built to having to recall 2 million cars this week alone due to safety concerns.” He also brought up Musk challenging Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to a cage fight, “to which Zuckerberg replied, ‘Send me a location’ and can I offer you both an ‘indoor volcano’?”

“And then, of course, there’s Twitter,” Oliver continued. “Now he calls it X, but the rest of us still call it Twitter. He acquired it officially 12 months ago. And since then it’s been one fiasco after another, the latest coming when he tweeted his agreement with [an] anti-semitic post calling the grand replacement theory the real truth. This caused many large advertisers to flee. And then, in the midst of denying any anti-Semitic intent, Elon decided to mock the departing sponsors.

Oliver released a clip from the Nov. 29 New York Times DealBook summit, in which Musk launched into a nonsensical tirade against CEOs who said they would pull their ads from the social media platform in response to Musk’s posts.

“If someone is going to try to extort me with an ad? Blackmail me with money? Fuck you,” Musk said. “Fuck off, is that clear? I hope so.”

Oliver replied, “Wow, it’s hard to say what’s the most awkward here. The fact that the richest man in the world is playing the “You don’t break up with me, I’m breaking up with you” card, or that he’s doing it in bewildered silence while wearing a jacket from Ralph Lauren’s Midlife Crisis collection. It’s clearly a bad boy in there, but he ended up looking more like Chip from “Red Pill.” Rescue Rangers.

Oliver went on to point out that thanks to the “roller-coaster status” of the companies he owns, Musk also has the distinction of being “both the richest person in the world and the first person to lose $200 billion, which is hard to even wrap your head around. It’s like hearing someone run a marathon after accidentally running 200 miles in the wrong direction.”

Oliver mentioned Musk boasting that through Tesla he had done more to help the environment than any other person, in the process “demonstrating a pretty strong messianic streak. In fact, Sam Altman, CEO of openAI, who has both worked with and faced Musk, said that Elon is desperate for the world to be saved, but only if he can be the one to save it, which is a rather large asterisk. It’s like Jesus said in the book of Matthew: “Love your neighbor, but more importantly me, and if you don’t love him, fuck you. Find your own paradise. J-Crizzle, out.


The full segment addresses the cost of Musk’s advances in both rocket technology and automobile manufacturing, including the US government’s dependence on his satellites. “Many of the things that this country relies on are controlled by Musk,” Oliver explained. “It puts the US government in a bit of a bind.” A clip followed in which a National Security Council spokesman explained why they would not reject Musk’s anti-Semitic rhetoric. “We are now at the point where the government is explicitly saying, ‘We have chosen to look at the other side of anti-Semitism’ or, as it is more commonly known, as Daddy’s Home 2.”

Watch the full clip below.

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