Joliet’s son killed his mother after a life insurance dispute: Fitzgerald

JOLIET, IL — After fatally shooting his 49-year-old mother, Bernadette Quasi, multiple times last week in her Plainfield-area bedroom, 21-year-old Justin Holman chose to call Joliet police on Larkin Avenue and admit why he took the life y , according to a petition to deny early release to Joliet’s latest first-degree murder suspect.

A Will County judge scheduled Holman’s next hearing for Jan. 5 in courtroom 405. Now facing three counts of first-degree murder, Holman must remain in his cell at the Will County Jail while awaiting trial. He will not be released back into society while his murder case awaits trial.


According to the petition filed by longtime Assistant State’s Attorney Mike Fitzgerald, the following events tipped off Joliet police that Holman was involved in a murder, and when Joliet police visited his family’s home at 6452 Langsford Lane, his mother’s lifeless body was found inside .

“Det. Escueda-Reid and Det. McKeon asked the defendant questions about his mother’s death in which the defendant wanted to write what happened,” Fitzgerald revealed. “The accused said he killed his mother because he feared for his life. The accused said that he used the weapon that was in the trunk of the car in which the police were on the scene.

Joliet Police Detective Escueda-Reed asked Holman what kind of gun was in the trunk, and he responded that it was a PSA Dagger 9 mm, the petition to deny pretrial release noted.

Officers later found the gun in a backpack in the trunk, as well as a magazine for that gun in the console of the car.

Joliet Police dispatched to Larkin Ave.

According to Will County prosecutors, at 12:48 a.m. on Dec. 20, the 911 caller, who identified himself to Joliet dispatcher Sandy Pons as Justin Holman, told her he had committed a crime and should turn himself in.

Holman told her he had parked in front of the OfficeMax store in a dark blue Dodge Charger and had a gun in a book bag. Ponce instructed Holman to lock the book bag in the trunk of his car. Joliet Long and Caban police officers were dispatched to the parking lot of OfficeMax at 1520 N. Larkin Avenue.

After killing his mother last week, Plainfield-area resident Justin Holman, 21, is now in jail on charges of first-degree murder by Joliet police, court records show. Image via Google Maps

Officer Long asked Holman if he had killed anyone in his house and Holman said yes, according to court documents.

Other Joliet officers were then dispatched to 6452 Langsford Lane, a Plainfield mailing address, to conduct a welfare check. At the house, Joliet Police Sgt. Peter van Gessel heard a dog barking inside, but all the doors were locked.

Sergeant Van Gessel and his colleagues from the Joliet Police Department forced their way in through the front door. Van Gessel entered a first-floor bedroom and found an unidentified female victim lying on the bed with no signs of life. She was covered in blood and had gunshot wounds to her legs.

“Sergeant Van Gessel also observed several shell casings on the bedroom floor next to the victim,” Fitzgerald reported.

Holman contemplates suicide: Police

This is where the body of 49-year-old Bernadette Quasi was found last week. Image via Google Maps

According to Holman’s interview with Joliet police detectives, he told them that three days earlier he had been in an argument with his mother, Bernadette Quasi, “over not signing life insurance.

“Defendant reported that Bernadette and his father, Exulam Holman, had created an insurance policy for Defendant that was for $1-2 million. Defendant doubts that his parents want life insurance for him because he has no job, children, or social life.”

Court records show Holman felt pressured by his father to sign the life insurance on Dec. 19, but he refused.

“The defendant stated that he shot Bernadette in her bedroom, which is located near the kitchen,” Fitzgerald’s petition states. “The defendant said he did not remember how many times he shot Bernadette. The accused said that there was blood on his shoes, which he was wearing at the time he was detained. The defendant was wearing a pair of blue and white Nike shoes in which detectives observed small red marks on one of the shoes.”

After taking his mother’s life, Holman told Joliet police detectives “he was considering killing himself or turning himself in to the police. The defendant was not sure how long he had been driving around after shooting Bernadette,” prosecutors said.

Holman also advised detectives that he may have taken 12 alprazolam on December 19-20, which he said were not prescribed.

A mother planned to kick her son out of her house: a relative

Justin Holman, 21, is charged with the first-degree murder of his mother, Bernadette Quasi, 49, of Joliet. File image via John Ferak/Patch

The prosecutor’s petition notes that Detective Boe interviewed Bria E. Holman, the murder victim’s daughter.

According to their interview, she told Bowe “that Bernadette included her in an email sent to Defendant on 12/19/2023 … The email notified Defendant to vacate the premises at 6452 Langford Lane, Plainfield, IL 60586 on or before January 19 2024. It also advises that if the defendant fails to comply with the terms of the notice, legal action will be taken. Defendant told police detectives that he had not seen the 30-day notice; however, his mother told him about it, but he didn’t think she was serious about it.”

In addition, Detective Bowe interviewed Marion Knox, the mother of murder victim Bernadette Quasi.

Knox told Detective Joliet that “her grandson, the defendant, does not want to work and is barely able to hold down a job. Mrs. Knox said her daughter is trying to get the defendant to keep a job and pay some of the bills at the residence . She said that this angered the defendant and that it had led to arguments between her daughter and her grandson over the past few days.”

Knox also told police that Bernadette had life insurance policies on her three children since 2018.

“The defendant was upset by this and told Bernadette that he did not want her to receive any money if anything happened to him. Ms. Knox said that Bernadette told her that the defendant had canceled his policy. Mrs. Knox told the police that Bernadette had told her that the defendant had social disorders, including oppositional defiant disorder, but that he had never seen a doctor about it… Mrs. Knox did not know that defendant ever physically or threatened Bernadette,” Fitzgerald’s petition informed the judge.

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