Kahlmi Massage Wand: Why I love this alternative to the massage gun

If you are experiencing any type of muscle stiffness, tightness or discomfort and are not booked in for regular massages, you probably own or have considered a manual massage device.

My husband and I both like deep tissue massage and a few years ago he fell in love with Theragun – or something like that. We went to our local sporting goods store and tried a number of models and brands. We finished with NBA favorite: Hypervolt by Hyperice. My husband is a huge sports fan so it was no big surprise when he decided this was “the one”.

The bad news: I hate it. And no, it’s not that I wish we had bought the Theragun instead. I’ve dealt with both enough to know that neither is right for me. I’ve been diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder that causes pain that often resembles rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, and the bulky, super-powerful Hypervolt– and Theragun massagers don’t feel good on my body or in my hands.

Unfortunately, after making a significant investment, our Hypervolt is sitting in the drawer a lot, as I don’t like using it on myself or my husband, and I don’t particularly like it when he uses it on me. It is too big, too hard and too aggressive.

However, I’m not averse to a light vibrating massage, especially to get rid of knots in the upper back after long days of travel.

Enter the Kahlmi Wand, the massager you’ve probably never heard of. Why? It’s made for babies—literally. We got Kahlmi for our 18 month old daughter and from the moment I opened (very pretty box) I knew I would love using it on both myself and my husband. That’s why.

1. It’s gentle

The Kahlmi stick is made for use on babies as soon as they are born. It’s incredibly gentle. While the Hypervolts and Theraguns are percussive massagers, the Kahlmi Wand has three low-level vibration settings that have been proven “safe and effective for neonatal use” and mimic the experience in the womb — away from the NBA court, that is.

The Kahlmi Wand is made of soft silicone.

Photo: Lynsey Stevens

2. It is soft

I love the soft silicone of the Kahlmi Wand and the soothing gray-blue color. The whole massager is great soft to the touch. It looks and feels well-made and, considering the details, even a bit luxurious.

The Kahlmi stick is lighter than the Hypervolt or Theragun.

Photo: Lynsey Stevens

3. It’s light

I’m not comfortable handling Hypervolt or Theragun. Sure, they’re hard plastic, while the Kahlmi is soft silicone, but that’s more for their weight. I experience severe shoulder pain and occasional wrist pain, and when I’m giving or receiving a massage, I’m not in the mood to feel like I’m lifting heavy.

Yes, the extra weight of the Theragun means extra punch, but I don’t need all that. I much prefer the size, shape and manageable (smartphone-like) weight of the Kahlmi.

The Kahlmi wand and its drawstring pouch

Photo: Lynsey Stevens

4. Super packable

The Kahlmi comes with a cute travel bag and a USB charger is included. Its silicone design means you can pull the drawstring on the pouch and throw the whole thing into your suitcase or bag without worrying about the plastic parts getting damaged in transit. Because it’s relatively small and so light, there’s no reason not to pack it, even if you’re only carrying carry-on luggage.

The three attachments for the Kahlmi Wand

Photo: Lynsey Stevens

5. Comes with 3 easy-to-change attachments

Kahlmi’s three attachments include

  • Acu-Touch (nodule)
  • Bathtime Bliss (as a brush)
  • Daily Calming (Round)

They are easily removed with a simple pull and twist. Like the wand itself, all three are waterproof, so you can use all of them (not just Bathtime Bliss) in the bath or shower, just be aware that the wand doesn’t need to be fully submerged.

Pro tip: My husband and I have found that we can also use our Kahlmi without an attachment for a more concentrated pressure and feel that is a bit more similar to our Hypervolt attachments. Please note that using the Kahlmi Wand without an attachment is not recommended by Kahlmi and may not be safe for little ones!

The Kahlmi Wand is controlled by a soft power button.

Photo: Lynsey Stevens

6. It’s Haptic

Kahlmi turns on and off easily – just press the soft power button and the vibration starts (takes about 2 seconds). If you want a stronger vibration, hold. Repeat for the strongest level or hold for longer to turn off the Kahlmi when you’re done massaging.

Pro tip: It took me a minute to find the Kahlmi charging port. It is located under the tripod base of the massager, protected by the silicone cover. Push the charger in or pinch the base a bit to locate it.

Note that the Kahlmi website is 100 percent dedicated to using it as a baby massager. It’s full of recommendations and tons of fascinating research that may or may not interest you. It’s an absolutely wonderful gift for any family with (or expecting) a baby, but after using it on myself and my husband for months, I’m all about it becoming a not-so-secret gentle massager loved by… become adults too.

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