Kim Kardashian is killing her video game, devastating a top player

Kim Kardashian and Maybelline.
Getty / Stephanie Keenan / Pepper Triplett

  • Kim Kardashian is shutting down a mobile game that launched in 2014.
  • The game “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” marks a turning point in Kardashian’s career.
  • One keen user says she’s devastated that the game she’s been playing for a decade has been cancelled.

Pepper Triplett of Houston woke up on January 1st to a terrible surprise. Something was wrong with the video game she had been playing for years, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. She couldn’t access parts of the game. She messaged the customer service department of Glu Mobile, the game’s creator, but heard nothing back.

Annoyed, Triplett took to TikTok.

“When I tell you I’m mad that they canceled Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, I tell you I’m mad,” she said over images of her character in the game, called Maybelline, who has acquired two dogs, a husband, two babies with a nanny and multiple houses. “I’ve been playing this game for 10 years.”

Indeed, Kim Kardashian and Glu are stopping the game. Certain aspects have already been turned off and the game will go completely offline in April.

“Honey, I take this game very seriously!” Triplett continued on her TikTok, which has been viewed over 8 million times. She has amassed 595.7 million in-game “fans” and is A+++ level and #11 on the app.

“I started playing the game because I love the Kardashian clan,” Triplett told Business Insider. “I wasn’t really obsessed with the game until COVID. It was my escape from being stuck in the house with the husband, kids and dogs 24/7.”

Pepper Triplett who plays Kim Kardashian: Hollywood for 10 years.
Pepper Triplett

The game of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is quite simple. You create a character who can visit different locations—such as stores and homes in Los Angeles and other cities—and use points to buy items and level up. “K-star” points can be earned by completing various time-consuming tasks or by purchasing points through the App Store to speed things up.

Triplett told Business Insider that even though she’s been dedicated to the game for 10 years, she hasn’t spent too much money on it. “I did 90% of the game for free,” she said. “I’ve been saving up my stars to finish decorating my home in Bel Air and buy the helicopter.”

When the game launched in 2014, it was a turning point for Kardashian. Before that, she was mostly a social media influencer who made money from endorsing other products. The game helped her become her own business tycoon, selling her own creation. It was a huge hit. According to a 2016 Forbes cover story, she earned $45 million in her first two years from the game alone. In the years since, Kardashian has focused on her wildly successful Skims clothing line, which in 2021 helped catapult her to billionaire status.

Kardashian released a statement to TMZ about the game’s suspension: “I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has loved and played Kim Kardashian: Hollywood over the past 10 years.”

Triplett told Business Insider that she has no plans to pursue a new game (people have suggested the Sims 4 game, but she’s not that interested in a board game).

And while there may be other games that are similar in game or concept, they’re all missing that one key element: Kim Kardashian. As Triplett said while showing off various parts of her game, “Yeah, I have a dog that lives on the plane, because how else are you supposed to live in Kim Kardashian’s world?”

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