King’s Hawaiian makes Thanksgiving travel a pleasure

King’s Hawaiian is helping Northeast travelers “come home in style” with one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving meals served in custom dining cars at New York’s Penn Station on November 19. Special charter dining cars run between New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

Holiday travel is notoriously hectic – in fact, according to Amtrak, Thanksgiving is the busiest travel week of the year. Eager to turn one of the biggest holiday stresses into a pleasurable experience, King’s Hawaiian – makers of the #1 branded dinner rolls in the US and a must-have for any holiday feast – have harnessed their magic at the dinner table to help travelers embark in the holiday spirit earlier this year.

Holiday travelers were invited to join a free charter train from Philadelphia to New York or from New York to Boston – or stop at 30th Street Station (Philadelphia), Penn Station (NYC) or South Station (Boston) – to indulge of a pre-Thanksgiving meal in a stationary King’s Hawaiian Restaurant Car at one of these stations.

Holiday revelers were treated to a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving meal in memorable dining cars that gave them a real story—and plenty of buns—to share at the table during the holiday.

Whether in a bread basket at the center of the table or to create the ultimate slider for leftovers for the next day, King’s Hawaiian Rolls are a perfect, versatile addition to any holiday meal. Featuring all the delectable ways to enjoy King’s Hawaiian this holiday season, Roll Home in Style rail travelers were treated to a Thanksgiving-inspired menu on their Northeast journey.

Courses included a garden salad made with King’s Hawaiian Croutons, a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich between a King’s Hawaiian Roll, and King’s Pumpkin Hawaiian Bread Pudding for dessert.

“We are honored that our products have played an integral role on the holiday tables of so many families for more than 70 years. In fact, we hear a lot of people say that King’s Hawaiian rolls are the holidays’ best-kept secret,” said Chad Donvito, president of King’s Hawaiian. “After two years of reduced gatherings, we know more people than ever will be traveling to reconnect with loved ones this Thanksgiving, millions by train. We’re doing our part to make travel a little sweeter by turning dining cars into an unforgettable experience that proves that everything – even vacation travel – is better with King’s Hawaiian.”

For more information on how King’s Hawaiian can enhance any holiday celebration, including recipes using the brand’s soft and fluffy rolls, visit

Founded more than 70 years ago in Hilo, Hawaii, by Robert R. Tyra, King’s Hawaiian is a family-owned business that for three generations has been dedicated to providing irresistible, original recipe Hawaiian-inspired foods made with the spirit of aloha. A priority for the company is sharing the Hawaiian Way – a uniquely Hawaiian approach to hospitality based on kindness, generosity and a commitment to making everyone feel part of the King’s Hawaiian ohana (extended family).

King’s Hawaiian makes the #1 branded bun in the US, along with other great Hawaiian-inspired foods including hamburger buns, buns, bagel bread, sandwich bread and more. The soft and fluffy texture of Royal Hawaiian Bread adds the perfect touch of sweetness to a wide variety of recipes and occasions, including everyone’s favorite weekly tradition, Slider Sunday family meals.

The company operates roasting facilities in Torrance and Oakwood, Georgia. For more information, visit the company’s website at or find King’s Hawaiian on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Photos courtesy of Associated Press/King’s Hawaiian

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