Kyle Walker’s shame begs the question, in what universe does any man think it’s okay to stick your penis out in public?

In the week of International Women’s Day, two men managed to act more like international jerks.

First we had DJ Pat Sharp delivering a tasteless “joke” that probably would have gone unnoticed a decade or two ago.

In what universe does any man think it’s okay to stick your penis out in public?Credit: Getty
Police are now investigating the actions of Manchester City star Kyle Walker

At an industry event in London, he presented a businesswoman with a T-shirt emblazoned with an old photo of him, complete with his signature ’90s mullet.

But apparently it’s more than just that hairstyle that still stuck in this decade, as he then proceeded to make a crude joke about her breasts.

Understandably, she broke down in tears and later wrote that she felt “humiliated” and “violent” by the incident, which happened in front of 400 colleagues.

She said: “I have worked incredibly hard to earn my reputation and I hope to be an inspiration to other young women in the events industry.

“However, yesterday I was belittled, sexualized and objectified in front of hundreds of people I respect.”

No doubt there will be people who will accuse this woman of not being able to take jokes. Or explains it as “teasing”.

But what happened next made me reflect on the progress we’ve made.

In the 1990s, she probably would have been labeled a “feminist killer” or “too uptight.”

But thankfully, in 2023 Sharp lost his job as host of Greatest Hits Radio with “immediate effect” — and rightfully so.

We’ve moved on from the blatant sexism and misogyny of the nineties and things have clearly changed for the better.

The DJ has since apologized, saying: “Last Friday I made a joke on stage that was not well received. I upset one person in particular and for that I am truly sorry.

To my ears, that sounds more like “I’m sorry you’re upset love” than I’m truly sorry.

But I guess now that he’s leaving his job, he’ll have plenty of time to think about it.

However, the actions of Manchester City footballer Kyle Walker are even more serious.

In the week that former Met police officer Wayne Couzens was convicted again of indecent exposure, CCTV footage emerged showing Walker pulling down his trousers and exposing himself in a bar in Cheshire.

In what universe does any man think it’s okay to stick your penis out in public?

Men should not be allowed to get away with blinking in public

Police are investigating his alleged wrongdoing and he may soon be questioned in custody.

The word “flashing” shines a light on an act that is actually an aggressive form of sexual intimidation – and I’m glad the world is finally waking up to that fact.

I was spotted in a department store when I was about ten years old.

It was confusing, disgusting and shocking.

It is a serious crime, for which the heaviest penalty is imprisonment of up to two years.

I hope men realize they can’t get away with this behavior anymore.

They must treat all women with respect and as equals – or face the consequences.

Many women understand that times have changed. . . Why not more men?

The parenting trap is mom’s

Child care costs are prohibitive for many families and especially difficult for mothersCredit: Alamy

FOR many families, childcare costs are now prohibitive.

The average annual hit for a full-time nursery place for a child under two is now nearly £15,000 – a 5.9 per cent increase over the past year.

The availability of seats has also decreased.

All of this hits families hard – and I say families deliberately, not women.

One of my pet peeves is that childcare costs are so often mentioned in relation to the mother’s salary, who has to decide whether or not it’s “worth it” to go back to work.

But childcare is the responsibility of both parents, not just the mother.

The assumption seems to be that the mother is the one who either cares for the child or is responsible for paying for the child’s care, which all seems a little archaic to me.

For starters, the idea that women go back to work after having a baby just for a paycheck is so limiting.

Women work for so many reasons other than money, especially after becoming mothers.

It is good for children to see their mothers as independent women.

The problem, however, is that as long as childcare remains so expensive, too many women will view returning to work as a pipe dream.

What we need as a country is a government focus on affordable, subsidized childcare that makes it available to more people than those wealthy enough to afford it.

This should be a priority for many reasons.

Not least because a workforce that includes working mothers is richer and more valuable.

Golden antiques

Sir David Attenborough deserves his crown as Britain’s greatest TV presenterCredit: PA

It’s no surprise that Sir David Attenborough, national treasure that he is, has been crowned the greatest British TV presenter of all time.

The rest of the poll is a bit more surprising. Mainly because half of the top ten are no longer with us.

The late Sir Terry Woogan, Sir Bruce Forsyth, Les Dawson and Cilla Black also made the cut.

Guess we won’t be making them like that anymore.

The days of the whole family gathering in front of the TV on a Saturday night to watch a beloved national treasure are long gone.

And that makes me feel a little sad.

The weight loss kick may not be so smart

Kim Kardashian’s use of a new weight-loss tool sets a questionable exampleCredit: Getty

I’m not aware of the news that a slimming drug hailed as a “game-changing” drug in Britain’s battle against the bulge has been given the green light by the NHS.

Semaglutide, sold under the brand name Wegovy, works by hijacking the brain to suppress appetite and reduce calorie intake, leading to significant weight loss.

It’s said to have helped celebrities like reality star Kim Kardashian, right?

Studies have shown that those using it have lost about 12 percent of their body weight – and cut their chances of type 2 diabetes by more than half.

Experts have hailed it as a “pivotal moment” in the fight against obesity, and clearly this can only be good news.

But should it really be available for prescription on the NHS?

Or does it risk sending a message to our kids that it’s okay to eat whatever you want, get as fat as you want, gorge on food, waste money and then just get a weight loss kick instead of just taking responsibility and eating less?

Have a heart

They are rightly described as man’s best friend.

We all think our dogs are the best, and we’re right, of course. (But mine really is the best!)

So I was heartbroken watching footage this week of a cruel owner dumping his faithful pet by the side of the road.

The shocked German shepherd continued to run after the man’s car as he drove off.

We are the center of our dog’s universe.

They give us their love and trust unconditionally.

Imagine how confused the poor abandoned dog must have felt.

Who could do that? For God’s sake, have a heart.

If you are unwilling or unable to care for your dog, then at least put it in a shelter.

This is how you give a chance for a better life, at least better than the one you gave him.

Well done James

James Nesbitt plays his part in a very modern familyCredit: Getty

I SO admire James Nesbitt for getting stuck into fatherhood after his girlfriend had a baby by another man.

James briefly split from actress Katie Gledhill two years ago before she became pregnant with a boyfriend.

But the Cold Feet star, who has two children with his ex-wife, has apparently rolled up his sleeves to take care of the baby.

How thoroughly modern it is and what a love story.

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