LA Times Sports Letters: Rams, Lakers fall into abyss

All the Rams really need is a quarterback who doesn’t have lead feet or turn the ball over repeatedly. It wasn’t all the Lions’ fault that Matthew Stafford didn’t win there. And give up the picks and give him an extension? Do yourself a favor and draft a blue chip quarterback like the Chargers did. But wait, you need a tall project for that. I guess you’re stuck with what you have.

Thomas Philip


Is Sam Farmer, Matthew Stafford Really a ‘Star Quarterback’? Are you kidding? The guy who leads the league in interceptions and pick-sixes and you compare him or put him on par with Tom Brady? Okay, you say he won the Super Bowl, but let’s face it, he was one missed interception floater away from winning nothing. And if anyone won the Super Bowl, it was the Rams’ defense and Cooper Kupp, who had a career year. The Rams got their one moment, but they also staked their future, so call them what they are: a dynasty of one.

Bill Consolo


After the Rams’ embarrassing loss to Tampa Bay, Sean McVay said, “We’ve really got to come up with a lot of different things to be able to do.” Really, coach, it’s only one thing: win games.

Tom Stapleton


Sean McVay has lost sight of the ultimate goal in professional sports: You play to win the game. If a first down is going to win the game, you go all out to get a first down. The other team cannot score if they do not have the ball. Period, end of story.

Mike Gamboa
good park


Of course, it is unclear when Matthew Stafford suffered a concussion. He’s been sacked about a hundred times this year. Choose.

Mike Schaller
Temple city


Which is worse: The waves of nausea that come over me while watching the Rams try to play football or the uncontrollable fits of laughter that deprive me of oxygen if I dare to watch the Lakers?

Andy Nelson
Sherman Oaks

Can’t write this

Kudos to Dylan Hernandez for trying to convey the madness that was LAFC’s dramatic MLS Cup Championship Game win. One had to be there or watch it on TV to believe it.

The game and the atmosphere were crazy. Leader changes, late saves, surprise heroes (Gareth Bale and John McCarthy) led to an exciting and unscripted Hollywood ending.

A truly remarkable performance for a deserved championship from a winning franchise.

Rick Solomon
Lake Balboa


It is ridiculous that the title game in a major sport is decided by a display of football skills (penalty kicks) and the game is not played until there is a winner in overtime. Even the NHL doesn’t use penalties in the playoffs.

Steve Shevell
Woodland Hills

Sinking Lakers

As I watched LeBron James throw pregame powder, Russell Westbrook rock a baby and Anthony Davis flex after his baskets, I noticed a 2-10 record and multiple blowouts. Imagine if they were as concerned about winning as they were about performing. It seems their priorities are messed up.

Flora Perry
The angels


I’ve been a Lakers fan since they traded Kareem in the 1970s and have been a season ticket holder since the early 1990s. Enough is enough. Jeanie Buss destroyed one of the greatest brands in sports. A 7-34 record against the Clippers in their last 41 games? Disgusting. Take away the “bubble playoffs” and the Lakers have been terrible for most of 2013-14.

Dave Ring
Manhattan Beach


In the first 53 years, the Lakers had eight losing seasons. After this year, there would be eight losing seasons in 10 years under Geney Buss. She has fired coaches, general managers and her brother. At what point does she look in the mirror and finally say, “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing”?

Glenn M. Langdon
Garden Grove


The Lakers’ season was apparently over before it began. I think it’s time for the “Mitch Kupchak Please Stay” luncheon for season ticket holders. Rob Pelinka will take over the lead role with guest stars Kurt and Linda Rambis, who will be acquitted. Season ticket holders deserve an NBA team to cheer for, not this garbage they put on the court every game. The only other thing I fear is when the self-anointed King passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the scoring record. The saving grace for Lakers fans is that LeBron James will never be mentioned at the same time as Kareem.

Tom Musis
Simi Valley

Out of the limelight

Seven night games for the Trojans this season. Personally, I’m getting tired of reading about Trojan football in Monday’s paper. That won’t happen in the Big Ten because of the different time zones and joining a conference that has very few night games. Walk with God Pac-12, enjoy your little conference and all the night games that go with it.

Bill Piercy
Long beach

This is the neglect

Isn’t it a little disingenuous for The Times to report the UCLA football team’s “overlook” in the latest CFP rankings when The Times has been doing the same in its coverage of the Trojans since before the season started?

Mike Murashige
Eugene, Ore.

Serial stench

If there weren’t already Astros players or coaches on the team that were involved in the cheating scandal, then I’d say “congratulations” instead of “mmm” for their World Series win. There will always be a stench associated with this team.

Jay James
Rivera Peak

Where’s the puck?

It’s great to see Helen Elliott’s hockey columns once a week, because she’s awesome, and the short, boring Associated Press articles about Kings and Ducks games just don’t do the trick. I want the sports editor to know how disappointing it is to see a major newspaper like the Times so briefly ignore two major local sports franchises, the players and the fans.

I can understand, although I don’t necessarily agree with the idea that hockey writers don’t accompany teams to away games. I see The Times is using the Associated Press to cover these games. But The Times can’t even hire hockey sportswriters to cover local games in downtown LA or Anaheim? Seriously? What a slap in the face for Kings and Ducks fans as well as the franchises.

The lack of adequate coverage is a disservice to the many hockey fans of both teams. If this is due to cost-saving efforts in the athletic department, I have news for you. I can also commit to cost savings. The way I would do that is by stopping my subscription to The Times, which I’ve had since the 1970s.

Jeff Pollack
The crescent moon

Finally goodbye

Am I the only one seeing the sad comparison between Mater Dei’s Bruce Rollinson and Penn State’s Joe Paterno?

No doubt in the win-loss records, championships and great players. And like Penn State, the win-at-all-costs culture has overshadowed the school’s core values ​​and harmed kids. So the archdiocese is allowing Rollinson to retire rather than subject the school to more controversy. There was also a statue of Paterno.

Jeff Heister


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