Latest additions to Saving Country Music’s current top 25 playlist (#135)

Latest additions to Saving Country Music’s current top 25 playlist (#135)

Latest additions to Saving Country Music’s current top 25 playlist (#135)

You better hope you recently took your anti-depressants, because the latest additions to the Top 25 playlist take you to the deepest recesses of human emotion as only the best country music can.

The Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist was created to keep you informed of all the best songs and albums coming out right here, right now in country and roots music. It’s available in most streaming formats (see below), or you can simply use the song, artist, and album recommendations to find something new to listen to. New songs just added.

Latest additions:

Zach Top – “Use Me” – Zac Topp is one of the best young up-and-coming country traditionalists out there right now. He’s always had the right sound, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right song. Co-written with Carson Chamberlain and Tim Nichols, “Use Me” is the right song.

Conrad Fisher – “Cecilia” – Konrad Fischer is a busy bee with a brand new album called Welcome to the neighborhood comes out on March 19th and a new folk album called now is out Fisher Brother Folk. But before all that, let’s focus on this excellent single called “Cecilia,” which fits perfectly in the selection of country music’s best divorce songs.

The Hawthorns – “Nothing But Shadow” – What an interesting song with a brilliant dark texture from this Nashville-based duo, with a Roger McGuinn-esque guitar solo that puts it over the top. The new HawtThorns album Zero gravity out April 5th.

Blackberry Smoke – “Don’t Mind If I Do” – These southern rock gods just released their latest album called Be right hereand “Don’t Mind If I Do” captures a sick groove with great tones and transports you into southern rock bliss.

Kimmy Bitter – “The Old School” – Kimmi Bitter is one of them that is hitting your radar right now ahead of her upcoming album The old school out March 29. With a dazzling country sound, Bitter makes its third appearance on the playlist with the album’s title track.

Brady Lux – “Little Bo Peep” – From Big Timber, Montana, Brady Lux is a western artist who speaks to the real world. “Little Bo Peep” takes both sharp humor and absolute truth and delivers them with wit. This is western music for 2024 that conveys the actual reality of things and tears away the veneer. From Lux’s debut album He hasn’t gone that far.

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The Saving Country Music Top 25 playlist exists primarily on Spotify, but is also available to those who use it Amazon Music, YouTubeApple Musicand Tidal. For those who don’t stream music, you can still find the song recommendations in list form below.

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Please note: The songs in this playlist have been selected for your listening pleasure and flow. Otherwise, they are out of order.

Save Top 25 Current Country Music Playlists:
  • “$10 Cowboy” – Charlie Crockett – $10 Cowboy (4/16)
  • “The Old School” – Kimmy Bitter – The old school (3-29)
  • “Coulda Been Love” – ​​Randall King – In the neon
  • “Use Me” – Zac Topp – Cold beer and country music (4/5)
  • “First Snow” – Colby T. Helms – Tales of misfortune
  • Cecilia – Conrad Fisher – (single)
  • “I Know It’ll Never End” – The Castellows – A little goes a long way EP
  • “Little Bo Peep” – Brady Lux – He hasn’t gone that far
  • “Redneck Rehab” – Korb Lund – The old one
  • “Nothing But Shadow” – The HawtThorns – Zero gravity (4-5)
  • “Gimmie a Guitar” – Robert Henry & the Repeaters – The way it usually goes
  • “Runaway Train” – Sara Jarosz – Polaroid lovers
  • “Not Letting Go” – William Michael Morgan – (single)
  • “You’ll Be Mine Someday” – Bronwyn Keith-Hynes – (single)
  • Is It Cold In Oklahoma – Hayden Baker – (single)
  • “Workin’ Hard (Day and Night)” – Jesse Daniel – (single)
  • “Not Enough Whiskey” – Jaime Wyatt w/ Butch Walker – I feel good
  • “You Don’t Mind If I Do” – Blackberry Smoke – Be right here
  • “Orange Bottles” – Wyatt Flores – Life lessons
  • “Fallen” – Johnny Falstaff – (single)
  • “Back to It” – Waxahatchee – Tiger blood (3-24)
  • “Meet Me at the End of Town” – James Dean KindleTrail songs (4-6)
  • “No Stranger” – Chasen Wayne – (single)
  • “It’s What Makes the World Go Round” Charlie Crockett with Willie Nelson – (single)
  • “Broken Heart to Broken Heart” – Bailey Rae – (single)
  • “The Line” – The Wild Blue – Super natural

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