Lauren Bobert responds to claims she punched her ex-husband in the face

Republican Congresswoman Lauren Bobert has denied hitting her ex-husband and says he was part of the reason the “family values” candidate was forced to move districts.

Jason Bobert, the congressman’s ex-husband, filed a complaint on Saturday alleging Ms. Bobert punched him at a restaurant in Colorado.

The Sylt Police Department confirmed there was an “active investigation” but did not provide further details, according to The Daily Beast.

Mr. Boebert reportedly called police to the Miner’s Claim restaurant in Sylt after saying he was a “victim of domestic violence,” according to an aide who spoke to Everyday beast. Ms Boebert denied allegations she hit her ex-husband in a statement.

A spokesman for Ms. Boebert said The Independent that the reports are false and that the drama surrounding her ex-husband is one of the reasons she plans to move districts.

“It’s a sad situation for everyone to keep escalating and another reason for me to move,” Ms Boebert said. “I did not punch Jason in the face and no one was arrested. I will consult with my attorney regarding the false allegations he made against me and evaluate all my legal options.

The incident was first reported by an anti-Boebert super PAC called “American Muckrakers,” which shared rumors of the incident on X/Twitter.

“Extraordinary and sad news from Sylt, Colorado. @laurenboebert punched her ex-husband Jason in the nose 2 times and then proceeded to beat him,” the post said. “Then she called the cops on him. As much as I despise her, it’s just sad for the boys. Jason has a witness. There is more.”

Ms. Boebert recently announced plans to move to a more conservative district before running for re-election again in 2024. She was narrowly defeated in her own district in 2022, winning by just 500 votes.

The incident on Saturday night reportedly began after Mrs. Bobert drove to her ex-husband’s home to pick up one of her sons, according to a source who spoke to Everyday beast.

Mr Boebert was reportedly at home at the time and tried to hug his ex-wife. She allegedly pushed him away. Mr. Boebert then called Ms. Boebert later that evening to apologize and ask if they could meet. The congresswoman reportedly agreed to the meeting as long as it was held in public.

The aide alleged that Mr. Bobert began being “disrespectful,” “an a-hole” and “obscene” toward Ms. Bobert when the two met later that evening at the Miner’s Claim restaurant. Ms. Boebert reportedly did not react well to her ex-husband’s alleged actions, which allegedly aggravated Mr. Boebert, the aide claimed.

Mr Boebert allegedly reached out to grab Ms Boebert, who reportedly tried to fight back by putting “her hand in his face” and “on his nose”.

After the argument, he called the police, claiming to be a victim of domestic violence. Police arrived at the scene and spoke with Mr. and Mrs. Boebert. No arrests have been made.

Mr. Boebert offered comment on Everyday beast after the accident.

“I made a mistake. We both overdid it. I only want the best for [the] guys i still love her a lot too. We both share some pain deep inside… It seems like we just keep drifting away from each other,” he said. “I want the best for her. It’s probably best to keep quiet.”

Mr. Boebert has been hovering on Ms. Boebert’s sidelines since the couple split last year. In September, he blamed himself after Ms. Boebert was kicked out of a performance of Beetlejuice The musical for steaming and being lewd with her date.

Mr Bobert insisted she was just acting out after their “devastating divorce” and claimed it was really his fault his elderly wife had become boisterous and lewd in public.

Then he was practically begging her to take him back.

“Lauren, if you are reading this, please know that I am dedicated to doing everything in my power to restore the trust that was broken. I stand behind you,” he wrote. “You are the hardest working person I know, selfless and overflowing with love.”

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