LeBron, Lakers have bigger problems than missed fouls

Judging by the outpouring of anger from fans, the reaction on the court, the calls for an investigation and the dramatic tweets that followed, you’d think Lakers were the first team in history to lose to bad refereeing.

Yes, the Lakers were robbed on Saturday night when LeBron James was flagrantly fouled on a game-winning layup attempt against the Celtics, the layup allowing the Celtics to secure an overtime victory. It also took a bit more over the next 24 hours to see the NBA officials’ Twitter account say there would be “sleepless nights” over the miss, and for James to publicly lament a series of questionable and/or missed fouls that have gone up against the Lakers over the past few weeks. Los Angeles could be mired in a particularly unfortunate stretch when those 50/50 decisions go against them. At the same time, the Lakers can’t let the officiating issues cloud the team’s real problems.

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