Lexington & Mansfield senior students start home service business

LEXINGTON — A day after talking about starting a business together, high school seniors Nicholas Schmidt, Mason Tritchu and Achim Walker ordered supplies.

“We met at the Y one day and I think the next morning we started ordering things,” said Schmidt, of Lexington.

The trio started washing windows this summer and have hung Christmas lights for about five different customers since mid-November.

Schmidt assured everyone was wearing seat belts and safe at their jobs.

Walker, a senior at Mansfield, and Tritchu work at the Mansfield YMCA. Tritshu and Schmidt are students at Lexington High School.

Schmidt said his interest in entrepreneurship began at the age of 13, when he bought pellet machines. He said he wants to continue running his own business after high school.

“It’s great to work with friends, we all get along and work hard,” he said. “As soon as we get to a house, we’re on it.

“We still have fun, like we’re going to play music and wear Santa hats when we hang lights.”

The trio hung lights in some of their family members’ homes and cleaned neighbors’ gutters before expanding to other clients.

“We got to put up lights for some people from the YMCA and a teacher from Lexington, so it was fun,” Walker said. “Being on the roof was scary at first, but it got easier. And we’re all pretty comfortable with it now.

Walker said his favorite part of the work ThreeFellas did was screwing in light bulbs. The group typically buys its own light bulbs and charges about $600 to $800 to hang Christmas lights.

“It depends on the amount of lights we’re using, but the bigger houses take about a full day,” Walker said.

ThreeFellas to offer services throughout the year

Schmidt said it was difficult to wait the time to order lights before each house, but that he enjoyed learning how to put lights.

“We had to learn where to connect the plugs and everything,” he said. “We realized the lights looked better if you looked the bulbs down towards the house instead of up.”

The trio plans to offer paddling through the rest of the winter, but has yet to set their rates. They will start washing windows again in the spring and plan to add power washing in the summer.

Schmidt said they have been using window cleaners this summer, but plan to purchase a deionizer to reduce streaking.

“Costs will vary depending on how big the house is, how many windows there are and things like that,” Tritchuch said.

Tritchuch said the group worked mostly on weekends, but could also do after school. Sometimes just one or two members of the trio will work on a smaller job.

“We have now outlined the types of work we want to do. But if we already know someone and they need help moving a piano or something like that, we’ll try to help them,” he said. “We just want to show up and do a good job.”

Kathy Weidig, principal of Tritchu Elementary School, said one of her colleagues recommended the group for yard work.

“I was impressed that they had the strength and tenacity to start their own business, especially as high school students,” Weidig said.

“I appreciate someone who is willing to do complex tasks for people who may be getting old or don’t have time to do it themselves.”

The trio plans to continue their business after high school

The three seniors will graduate in the spring, but plan to continue working together.

“I’m not sure what we’re all going to do after high school, but we might as well keep doing this as long as we can,” Tritchuch said.

Matt Tritchuch, Mason’s father, said he was proud of the trio for starting their own business and coming up with new ideas.

“They did it all by themselves, financially as well,” he said. “I posted on Facebook to see if it would help them get customers, but that’s all I did.

“All three are hardworking young men, maintaining good grades, extracurriculars and sports on top of that. I’m really proud that they started this and kept up with it.”

ThreeFellas is on Facebook and customers can message the page or contact [email protected] and 419-566-2966.

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