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managed force, Pa Las Baby’s and Belikeada (Humble Ranch/Street Mob Records)

It begins with a dark and seductive tone, as a sultry female voice confidently professes her affection for the corridors. Her high-heeled footsteps echo in the background as she appears to raise a machine gun, seamlessly blending sensuality with thuggish imagery, creating an intriguing juxtaposition. Welcome in About Baby and Belikeada, Fuerza Regida’s eighth studio album. Over the course of a sprawling 30-track journey, the San Bernardino troupe embarks on a bold and audacious expedition, fearlessly entering the realm of corridos bélicos with a distinctive training influence. The album serves as a testament to the evolution of the band they are immersing themselves in siege day a movement embracing the realm of excess in all forms: women, power, wealth.

They deliver the expected corridos alterados, this time full of menacing accordion arrangements; and the inclusion of songs like “Zona de Comfort” adds a touch of cumbia sabrosura to the mixture. Known for topping the charts, the group also included their previous hits such as ‘TQM’ and ‘Sabor Fresa’. The album’s lyrical themes stay true to their rags-to-riches (“FVDP”) narrative, reminding us of the difficult journey to success. However, Pa’ las Baby’s also ventures into unexpected territories. “Harley Quinn” sees them collaborate with Marshmello, infusing EDM elements into música mexicana, while “Freaky Freaky” (featuring Calle 24 and Armenta) brings reggaetón beats. JOP even switches to English for the eerie practice number ‘Dafuk’, showcasing the band’s versatility.

Also featuring El Fantasma, Maria Becerra, Juanpa Salazar, Gabito Ballesteros, Manuel Turizo, Chino Pacas and more, Fuerza maintains its signature style of glittering corridors, cementing its place in the genre. However, they boldly experiment with new sounds and genres, expanding their sonic horizons. Belgium is a testament to their ability to push boundaries while staying true to their roots, ensuring the group remains a reputable force in the world of Mexican and Mexican-American music. — ISABELLA RAIGOZA

Anitta, “Mil Veces” (Republic Records/Universal Music Latino)

Anita has never been shy about showing off her sensuality in her art and “Mil Veces” is no exception. In her latest single, the Brazilian superstar sings about the ups and downs of a relationship as she reminisces about the “thousands of times” she and her lover have been together and how strong her desire is still alive. “If we do it again, we ain’t leaving my room,” she sings on this melodic Brazilian funk single off her upcoming album Funk generation. “I love the catchy pop notes of his lyrics, which speak of a relationship that wasn’t meant to last, but goes on and on and on,” Anitta said in a press release. “It’s a relationship dynamic that a lot of people have already experienced.” The killer music video, directed by Jackson Tisi, features Måneskin singer Damiano David as her lover. — SIGAL RATNER-ARIA

Adriana Rios and Ana Barbara, “A Mi Me Respetas” (Afinarte Music)

Adriana Rios and Ana Barbara, two strong female voices Mexican music, collaborated on “A Mi Me Respetas,” sending a valuable message about empowerment. A full effort to convey the importance of treating women with respect and dignity, this duet is enhanced by acoustic guitar, heavy tuba playing and passionate, powerful vocal performance by the artists. The impeccable duo show great strength in their lyrics and melodies in the verses to end the song with “And you don’t rule over me, you’re nobody and I’m bitch.” — INGRID FAJARDO

Kali Uchis, “Te Mata” (Geffen Records)

Serving as another prelude to her highly anticipated album, Orchids, “Te Mata” by Kali Uchis is a beautiful and deep bolero driven by the artist’s deep yet delicate and captivating vocals. Written by Uchis and produced by Josh Crocker and Manuel Lara, the song’s lyrics are striking. “I, I am the devil from your story. The one who knew to fly I had to find my wings… I let your actions hurt like bullets, the one who cried herself to sleep and woke up to continue the nightmare,” she sings provocatively. “Te Mata” is Kali Uchis’ second Spanish-language track released this year, following the sultry “Muñekita” featuring El Alfa and JT (of City Girls), ahead of her upcoming new set, due out on January 12th. Includes collaborations with Peso Pluma, Carol G and Rau Alejandro. — GRISELDA FLORES

R3ymon, Mawell & Baby Lores, “Make Me Love With Hate” (R3ymon Music)

Much like how Puerto Rican and Colombian artists join forces to drive their local music movements, these three Cuban acts are doing the same. On their first collaborative effort, “Hazme el Amor Con Odio” (“Make Love To Me with Hate”), R3ymon, Mawell and Baby Lores bring to the fore a refreshing generation of Cuban artists, including Mawell, who is going viral on social media with “La Triple M.” Produced by La Companioni and Nando Pro, the track is captivating Dept (an urban-tropical fusion that originated in the barrios of Cuba) about a man trying to save his relationship. “I dare you to look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me/admit to me that I’m still the man in your bed,” part of the song reads, as each artist flaunts their powerful, distinctive vocals. — JESSICA ROYSE

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