Little People’s Isabelle Roloff teased by son Matteo, 1, for cooking dinner that ‘looks like poop’ in new photo

LITTLE People, Big World star Isabelle Roloff was teased by her young son over a meal she cooked for him.

The star shared the fun moment with her fans on her Instagram Story.


Little People, Big World star Isabelle Roloff shared a fun parenting momentCredit: Instagram/ isabelsofiarock
The star admitted that her son Matteo recently slammed food because he looks like


The star admitted that her son Matteo recently slammed down food because it looked like “poop”Credit: Instagram/isabelsofiarock

Isabelle, 26, took to social media to share a photo of the chili she had made for dinner.

The star captioned the post, which read: “Few things are more humbling than your toddler looking at your chili you just made for dinner and saying ‘poop.'”

She added a laughing with tears emoji to the post.

Isabel did not share a photo of her young son Matteo with the publication.

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She and husband Jacob Roloff chose not to show their son’s face on social media.

However, this particular Instagram story didn’t even show the baby.

The former Little People, Big World star appears to have relaxed her no-photo rules.

She recently took to social media to celebrate a major milestone with Mateo, leaving fans stunned.

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Earlier this month, Isabel shared an Instagram Story post about her only child’s milestone.

She shared a photo of her young son standing in his playroom, showing fans the back of his head.

He stood surrounded by coloring books, toy trains, blocks and more.

Matteo wore a one piece with a hood over it.

Isabelle captioned the post: “Everyone always comments on how crazy it is that Matteo is already walking (He started a month ago right around his 1st birthday!)”

She continued: “I feel like it all happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to realize that my baby is really a full toddler now.”

Isabel added a crying emoji.

She then added a comment box, writing: “I’m curious when your little one started walking?”


Isabelle’s post came after she shared a candid confession in late December about feeling “hated” on social media for her parenting decisions.

The LPBW alum admitted she doesn’t post the “special moments” with her son Matteo and keeps his face hidden from view.

Isabel claimed that “people who hate her” “will try to use this against me.”

She added: “Basically, I’m taking a deeper look at how my relationship with social media has changed since having Matteo and not posting about it.”

Isabel concluded by saying that “stepping away” from social media “feels good and natural, but because I’m human, I still compare myself.”

In an online thread, fans suggested that Isabelle could benefit from “therapy and marriage counseling.”

One person wrote: “Therapy is for crippling insecurities and marriage counseling is because she obviously can’t have a conversation with Jacob about how much she wants to share some pictures.”

Another agreed, adding: ‘Isabel really needs to work on herself and forget she has fans or followers. Go alone and get therapy.”

“It appears that Isabel sought validation online. I think a lot of people do that. Most do it subconsciously,” another user wrote.

“Hopefully, Isabel is beginning to realize that the validation she wants can only come from self-acceptance.”

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A fourth person commented: “I have a young and new mother. Maybe Isabel is looking for some validation?

“I know I’ll be looking for some validation. She and Jacob made a super tough but smart decision!”

The star recently shared one of her son's milestones online


The star recently shared one of her son’s milestones onlineCredit: Instagram/isabelsofiarock
She does not post her son on social media and is open about it


She does not post her son on social media and is open about itCredit: Instagram @isabelsofiarock
Isabel previously claimed she felt


Isabel previously claimed she felt “hated” because of her parenting decisionsCredit: Social Media – Credit to the source

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