LIVING COLOR will be entering the studio next week to work on new music

During an appearance on yesterday’s (Tuesday, November 7) episode of SiriusXM‘c “Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk”, VIVID COLOR singer Corey Glover was asked if fans can expect a sequel in 2017 “Shadow” album at some point in the not too distant future. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It is said that when I return [from playing this week’s The Sands Rocks festival in Cancun, Mexico], we go to the studio to work on something. I don’t know what, I don’t know how, but we’re actually going to go into the studio next week and put some stuff down.”

He continued, “We’ve been doing hit-and-miss things since the last time we spoke to you. Vernon [Reid, guitar] and I got together, got together with I will [Calhoun, drums]I got together with Doug [Wimbish, bass], I got together with other songwriters. I’ve met a bunch of songwriters. It’s time to put it all together and start working on it. So we’ll go in, like I said, next week to see what we’ve got. We’ll be working on some newer stuff and hopefully continue that while we’re in Europe and when we come out with [EXTREME] guys again in February and just sort of soundcheck, work on something and then when we’re done we go into the studio and work something out.”

When host Eddie Trank he asked Corey if he is “out of the loop” on what he and his colleagues will be working on next week, Glover said: “I try to avoid being a part of anything that involves talking to any of them sometimes because it goes a long way. I made a suggestion that we should make a record. We have to make a recording. I’ll let you find out what it is because all there is a schedule. Everyone — including me — has a schedule that says I’ll date so-and-so and so-and-so. I have a soundtrack I’m working on. I have things to do. We all have that. We found a window and now we’ll see if it works.”

Asked if the plan is to get a record next year, Corey said, “Yes. That would be the plan. I can’t give you an exact date. And more likely we’ll try to release a single first. If we find something we like, I’ll get that out somehow. And then I’ll go from there.”

Last September, Corey expressed hope that VIVID COLOR there will be new music ready soon. He then told May The Rock Be With You: “We really, really don’t rush to make records because when you have musicians of the caliber of Vernon and I will and Doug — and I, I suppose — get kind of precious about our thing. We want it to be right. We want it to be exactly how we want it to be, as it happens, what it is and how it is. So it takes a minute.”

He continued: “Making records is easier technically, but much more difficult from a life point of view. We are much older. We have a lot more responsibilities. We have children. We have college. We have a high school. You’ve got all these other things to think about—and write a song. [Laughs] So it’s a two-sided coin in terms of having the means to make music and live the rest of your life.”

Asked what the process of writing music is like in 2023 compared to, say, 1988, Corey said, “Well, you can get the word out to people a lot faster. You can say, “I’ve got this groove.” Back in the day, you’d play it over the phone or make a record and then physically bring it to them. Now I can hum something on my phone and say, “Here. I am sending you this. What can you do that?’ And then they send something back to me and we can go back and forth with that in real time as it happens. And it makes the process much simpler.”

In June 2020 VIVID COLOR released a video for his classic song “That’s life” featuring footage of the peaceful protests that grew in the US and around the world over the death of George Floyd in the hands of the police. The original version of “That’s life” appeared on VIVID COLORThe album of 1990 “Time is up”.

“Shadow” was released in September 2017 via Megaforce Records.

GloverSide projects in recent years have included acting, touring as a member of a jam band GALACTIC and more recently the formation of the jazz-rock supergroup ULTRAPHONICS with the legendary THE DOCKER guitarist George Lynch. Reidin turn, releases solo albums and participates in side projects with Mask and THE JOHIMBE BROTHERS; cooperate with Mick Jagger, Bill Frizzell, Jack Bruce and Ronald Shannon Jackson, among many others; produced albums for Salif Keita and James Blood Ulmer; and composed film music.

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