Local authorities support the issue of mental health

Problem getting support

Support Beth Benko for Port Clinton School Board

I would like to express my full support for the re-election of Beth Benko to the Port Clinton School District Board. Born and raised in Port Clinton, Beth was a star scholarship athlete at PCHS in the 1980s and continues to make a positive impact on her hometown. She is an attorney, CPA, and local small business owner, providing school supplies to thousands of students each year, including donating back-to-school supplies to all elementary students in Bataan for the past two years. She has 16 years of experience and a proven track record with the PC school board, not the least of which is the district’s current 4.5-star rating from the State of Ohio. Please vote to re-elect Beth Benko on or before November 7th.Nancy Dunham

Port Clinton High School English teacher, retired

Mental health is an issue worth supporting

My name is Danny Sanchez, Mayor of Fremont. Through my work as mayor, I realized and understood the depth of mental health challenges plaguing our community. Unfortunately, Fremont and Sandusky County are not immune to these challenges. However, there is one thing that every resident of our community should be proud of — our local Mental Health and Recovery Services Board.

I have been impressed with how the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board plans, implements and delivers its programs to Sandusky County residents in a cost-effective and transparent manner.

The Mental Health Board not only ensures that services are available to residents, but also continually seeks additional federal and state resources for our community. The Board understands the importance of having treatment services and understands the need for education and recovery support services.

I am proud to support this impressive group of public servants. I would like to thank them for their continued efforts to improve the mental health of our county residents and encourage you to support them as well. Please do so by voting Yes on the Mental Health and Recovery Levy on November 7th.

Danny Sanchez


The mental health bill needs support this November

As a county commissioner and fire chief of Lindsey, I have seen firsthand the seriousness that mental illness takes on our community. Loss of productivity and impact on quality of life are just two costs when these diseases go untreated. The Mental Health and Recovery Services Council works hard to provide resources to our community to minimize these losses. Their local rate funds help cover critical services such as crisis intervention, counselling, psychiatry and bereavement support services. When people in need have access to these services, then they can recover and resume a good quality of life. Your taxes won’t go up — it’s a renewal fee — and your taxes will only help Sandusky County residents. I am voting Yes on the Mental Health and Recovery Levy and I am asking you to do the same. Together, we can help preserve these critical resources in Sandusky County for a healthier, more productive community. Vote Yes on the mental health levy on November 7.

Russ Zimmerman


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