Longevity Investment to Reach $5.2 Billion Globally in 2022

Longevity investment – boosted by landmark funding from Altos Labs – demonstrates greater resilience than biotech and fintech sectors.

LONDON, 31 January 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Industry analysts at Longevity.Technology today released the 2022 Annual Longevity Investment Report – a year-long report on the state of investment in the longevity industry. The report analyzes the companies and investors behind the technologies designed to extend the number of years the people live in good health.

Total 5.2 billion dollars invested in 130 deals in 2022. Although this is 15% less than 6.2 billion dollars (190 deals) in 2021 – a breakout year for longevity investing, it grew 77% from $3.0 billion (148 deals) in 2020. This highlights the continued strong trendline growth in the longevity industry, which has demonstrated stronger resilience than the biotech and fintech sectors.

The report is free and available at: https://longevity.technology/investment/report/annual-longevity-investment-report/

Key highlights of the report include:

  • The 3 billion dollars funding in early 2022 for Altos Labs, the company focused on cellular reprogramming, was a landmark deal for the industry.

  • Earlier stage funding was more sustainable than later stage and public funding.

  • The number of deals and the regional breakdown indicate a more selective and less risk tolerant investor base.

  • The US dominates global long-term investment by number of deals, funding volume and deal size.

  • The leading areas in the industry are ‘longevity discovery platforms’, ‘longevity drugs’, renewal therapies (‘regeneration’, ‘rejuvenation’, ‘cell reprogramming’) and ‘gene therapies’.

  • Top 5 Longevity Investment Predictions in 2023

“Longevity is a new investment category that continues to attract new investors,” said Phil NewmanCEO of Longevity.Technology. “Our inaugural annual report defines longevity, guides investors to where innovation is going, and helps entrepreneurs understand where capital is coming from. Compared to 2021, 2022 may feel like a down year, but we see a lot of progress technically and politically in support of the sector and predict that a breakthrough in clinical progress will drive an accelerated increase in longevity funding in the second half of 2023 d.”

Serial investor Jim Mellonco-founder and vice-chairman of Juvenescenceleading longevity company, commented: “Money coming into the sector has increased dramatically over the past two years, with Jeff Bezos 3 billion dollars investment in Altos. Then there was the creation of the Hevolution Foundation, which will invest a billion dollars a year for the foreseeable future.

“Although the biotech sector has been one of the hardest hit by the market downturns of the last 20 months, I have noticed that the big investment banks are showing a real interest in following and supporting the idea that longevity is not just something out of science fiction, but it is something , which has real-world applications,” Mellon added.

The report defines the longevity market by dividing the industry into 25 areas. It tracks investment data in public and private markets from early 2013 to today, segments financial activity by location, domain and stage, follows recent trends and identifies top segments and key players in longevity.

About Longevity.Technology

Longevity.Technology is a UK-based research, media and investment organization focused exclusively on the longevity industry. The company’s investment banking operations work in the UK and UK bio/tech sectors to support equity financing for long-lived companies. For more information visit: www.longevity.technology/research/


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