Macaulay Culkin’s rare appearance on ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’



Macaulay Culkin was a contestant on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” Wednesday after being a clue on the game show countless times over the years.

“You’ve been part of a ‘Jeopardy!’ clue, like, 42 times in your career,” host Ken Jennings told the “Home Alone” actor. “That’s a very impressive number.”

Culkin, 43, took the news in stride, saying: “Oh wow! Look mom, I’m famous! I’m a factoid! Trivial.

According to Jennings, 49, he had no idea if Culkin would be on “[Jeopardy!] get on today.”

“That would make it a lot easier. Really,” Culkin teased. “I would be a lot less nervous.”

Culkin continued by noting that he was playing to raise money for the San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Alliance.

Macaulay Culkin plays “Celebrity Jeopardy!” after being a clue on the game show 42 times.
ABC / Celebrity Jeopardy!
“You’ve been part of a Jeopardy clue 42 times in your career,” host Ken Jennings told the Home Alone icon. “That’s a very impressive number.”
ABC / Celebrity Jeopardy!

“I’m sure a lot of people know it, but it’s a place that’s near and dear to my heart and my family,” Culkin told Jennings. “They work on conservation and the connection between wildlife and people trying to make it better.”

Culkin faced off against “Saturday Night Live” alum Rachel Dratch and WWE star Becky Lynch during the episode — and revealed she’s been a fan of the game show since she was a kid.

Culkin went up against “Saturday Night Live” alum Rachel Dratch and WWE star Becky Lynch.
ABC / Celebrity Jeopardy!

“It was like a religion in my family,” said the reclusive actor. “Every night at 7pm Eastern it was ‘Danger!’, ‘Danger!’, ‘Danger!’ Even when we were little kids. So hello mom, again!”

The “Party Monster” star also revealed that his fiancee, former Disney Channel star Brenda Song, made him work out all the time “whether I’m in the mood or not.”

“Oh yeah, my lady had a whole bunch of flashcards,” Culkin quipped. “She just kept asking me questions. Like a normal day. She had all kinds of questions.

Lynch, 36, made Jeopardy! history by being the first contestant in the show’s history to not answer any of the 60 questions correctly.
ABC / Celebrity Jeopardy!

“She threatened to bring them here,” the actor laughed. “And I was like, ‘Enough! I’m all nervous now. “

During normal play, Culkin managed $16,800 just behind Dratch, 57, who led the trio with $23,000 entering the final round.

“Exhumed in 2017 to settle a paternity case, his mustache has ‘retained its classic 10-past-10 position’, according to the Spanish press,” reads the latest clue.

During normal play, Culkin won $16,800, just behind Dratch, who led the trio with $23,000 going into the Final Jeopardy!
ABC / Celebrity Jeopardy!
According to Jennings, he had no idea “if you were going to be on [Jeopardy] get on today.”
ABC / Celebrity Jeopardy!

Unfortunately, Cuklin lost by just a dollar after going all in on Salvador Dali, which was correctly known by everyone and putting Dratch in first place with $33,601. However, he called out Song in the audience, writing “Hi Brenda” next to his response.

Although Culkin did not advance to the next round of the game, he managed to win the hearts of several fans.

“Watching ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ and drooling over how healthy and handsome Macaulay Culkin is… what?! I hope he wins,” one fan gushes about X.

“I’m always surprised to see that Macaulay Culkin is no longer little Kevin McCallister. I feel old watching,” complained a second fan.

“I’m sitting here watching ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ because I’m 75 years old and Macaulay Culkin is on,” a third person commented. “And b–ch he looks GOOD! Has it been cancelled? or can I stare for a bit?’

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