‘Makes me feel like my city failed me;” Richmond businesses affected by massive fire – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

RICHMOND — Businesses affected by a massive fire in Richmond want to know when they can reopen their doors.

The fire has been out for more than a day, but evacuation orders are still in effect.

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News Center 7’s Brandon Lewis talks to businesses in the evacuation zone.

Some Richmond businesses are keeping their doors closed for several days because of the toxic fire at a plastics facility. People’s livelihoods are affected.

The scene of the fire is littered with destroyed debris as firefighters continue to monitor the scene for hot spots.

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Lewis says there’s a Dollar General across the street.

There are signs on the doors that the place is temporarily closed and will reopen soon.

Lewis also spoke on the phone Friday with one of the employees of a nearby business. They did not want their name or the business they operate to be identified.

He asked the worker about the lost revenue.

“We lost about $7,000,” the worker said. “My owner is losing money. The staff is losing money. My phone has been ringing non-stop since this fire. In fact, today I have a lot of people writing to me asking “when are you going to open? We missed him.'”

>>I-TEAM: Following the money trail, the legal battle with the plastics plant property owner

The News Center 7 I-Team reported Friday that Wayne County property records show the city bought two-thirds of the properties that burned in 2021. Richmond Mayor Dave Snow said this week that was done so they could to mitigate problems with the property.

The citizens feel disappointed after the big fire.

“It makes me feel like my city has failed me,” the worker said. “We feel it has not only failed our business, but the residents around us.”

Lewis says the business is considering reopening next week, but there are still concerns about Richmond’s air quality.

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