Matka Travel Fair 2024: adventure tourism and experiential tourism highlighted in the program

19 to 22 January 2024 (with a professional day on 18 January 2024). The Caravan Fair is also organized at the same time.

Matka Travel Fair 2024 opens another tourist season, attracting exhibitors from all over the world to Helsinki in January. Finnish travel habits evolve over time, which is particularly evident in the two renewed stages of the program.

“The value of travel experiences is now more recognized than before; the motive for the trips is even clearer. We are looking for lifelong memories, learning opportunities, self-development, but also rest and recovery from everyday challenges. To meet these needs, a new Adventure Stage will be opened at the Matka Travel Fair. Here experiences will be shared and discussions will revolve around transformative journeys, responsible choices and adventures near and far.” says the producer Paula Tuominen at the Matka Travel Fair.

There will be programs and performances on six different stages: Adventure, Nordic, Second Home, Meet the World, Mediterranea Stage and We Love Cruises. On the Meet the World Stage, visitors can experience music, dance and presentations from different cultures and faraway countries, while the Nordic Stage showcases Finland’s gems and the latest routes. The program aims to provide new perspectives even to familiar holiday destinations by showcasing tourist itineraries and various accommodation, restaurant, activity and tour services.

Food is one of the main motivations for travel and the highlight of a vacation trip. His importance in events cannot be overstated. In addition to the renewed restaurant services of the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center, the Mediterranea Tasty Travel zone of the Travel Fairs brings together the atmosphere, food offerings, lifestyle of the operators and crafts of the Mediterranean region. Also, please see the results of the culinary travel survey conducted by Matka Travel Fair (attached).

The domestic travel area covers the whole of Finland

The importance of domestic travel has increased during the pandemic, leading to a greater presence of responsibly produced services and exhibitors with the Sustainable Travel Finland label at the fair. Domestic travel is strongly represented regionally at the Matka Travel Fair.

Second home – Vacation home abroad

The Second Home area in Hall 6 of the Matka Travel Fair shows ways to acquire a second home or holiday apartment abroad. With telecommuting options on the rise, interest in buying a vacation home abroad remains high. The area has its own program stage, presenting up-to-date advice and experience relating to the acquisition of a second home, together with information on the buying process and market conditions in places such as the Costa del Sol and the French Riviera.

Sunny village

Exhibitors and cruise lines offering tropical sun destinations can be found in Hall 7. Here, visitors can gather information on international cruises ranging from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and the Far East. The We Love Cruises stage in this area features presentations providing information on various cruise itineraries, attractions and exotic countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Tanzania, along with exhibitors from destinations such as Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Seychelles and Uganda.

Matka Travel Fair is organized in Helsinki Expo and Convention Center simultaneously with Caravan fair on 18 – 21 January 2024. The Matka International Travel Trade Event Workshop Day is organized on 17 January 2024 and the Matka Trade Day for Professionals is on 18 January 2024.

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