McDonald’s South Africa delivers to fans

Leaving home didn’t mean missing out on the 2022 FIFA World Cup action as McDonald’s South Africa provided real-time live score updates on the 1800m2 of Primemedia’s national digital advertising assets.

As a climax building up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup final on 18 December 2022, McDonald’s South Africa is ensuring fans across the country are informed of the results across all 64 matches, with dynamic digital out-of-home (DOOH). For the first time in South Africa, McDonald’s has partnered with Primedia Outdoor and Primedia Malls to deliver real-time Fifa World Cup results on 121 digital screens across the country.

The dynamic, optimized campaign created additional fan enthusiasm for McDonald’s and the Fifa World Cup 2022, as travelers and shoppers were excited to see live results, alongside prominent McDonald’s branding, for the month-long Fifa World Cup 2022 campaign.

“Soccer is one of the most watched sports with a strong following in South Africa and as one of the main sponsors of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we wanted to create a truly unique out-of-home experience, bringing the World Cup to the fans through the use of technology ” said Daniel Padiacci, executive director of marketing, supply chain and technology at McDonald’s (SA).

With over 1800m2 of digital signage on busy roads, in key commercial hubs and malls, the dynamic campaign allowed McDonald’s South Africa to adapt elements of its DOOH creative in real-time without manual intervention.

“We were delighted to partner with Primedia Outdoor and Primedia Malls in executing this first-to-market digitally innovative campaign across one of South Africa’s largest digital out-of-home networks, expanding the reach of the campaign across various out-of-home environments,” said Paul Clark, OOH specialist at OMD. He added that “the activation of this campaign across multiple screens and mediums ensures that McDonald’s South Africa reaches audiences at key touchpoints throughout their daily consumer journey.”

McDonald's South Africa delivers to fans

George Wilkins, Executive Director of Marketing and Marketing Services at Primedia Outdoor, commented on the McDonald’s Live Score campaign: “Dynamic and programmatic capabilities in DOOH allow brands to create a higher level of contextualization in the out-of-home environment in real time. At Primedia, we are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to use advances in technology to deliver unique and memorable outdoor media campaigns that exceed client expectations. We were extremely pleased with the seamless implementation of this campaign as it highlighted the endless possibilities that digital out of home can offer.”

For Primedia Outdoor

Primedia Outdoor is an independent leading provider of out-of-home media solutions in South Africa and 8 other key African markets. A permanent BBBEE Level 1 Fellow, Primedia Outdoor is currently South Africa’s largest wholly-owned out-of-home media specialist, ensuring national outdoor exposure across South Africa and a large reach in key African markets. With over 15,000 ad panels in South Africa and another 4,000+ panels in 8 other countries in Africa, we offer solutions that drive unprecedented value for advertisers.

Primedia Outdoor provides world-class services, technology and intelligent solutions across the market spectrum in which it operates. Our full service in these markets ensures that our advertisers are guaranteed an exceptional out-of-home presence that delivers quantifiable results. Our unmatched resources in services and intelligence ensure that our clients are on a seamless path to a solution-based return on their investment.

Primedia Outdoor provides out-of-home capabilities through a combination of outdoor media platforms and audience targeting solutions. Our product offering includes high-end digital displays in all markets and environments, highway and suburban classic billboards, and street furniture. The creative canvas possibilities are endless for advertisers to connect with audiences in different mediums.

Primedia Outdoors’ state-of-the-art digital out-of-home assets are fully equipped with dynamic capabilities that deliver engaging and memorable out-of-home media campaigns that leverage the latest technologies. As pioneers of digital out-of-home programming in Africa, Primedia Outdoor offers solutions for advertisers looking to pair solutions to manage different channels along the consumer journey to purchase.

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