Mega Man fans have translated and saved eight games for Japan alone


  • Devoted fans save and release unknown Mega Man mobile games that were only released in Japan, allowing fans to experience titles that were almost lost.
  • Archived games include pinball, racing and puzzle games, as well as two Battle Network games with new stories and characters.
  • This achievement highlights the importance of video game preservation and allows fans to explore lesser-known games from the Mega Man franchise.

A group of incredibly dedicated Mega man fans have released translated and working versions of eight mobile phone games that were only released in Japan. by Capcom Mega man franchise has been around for more than 35 years, although fans of the Blue Bomber have been put through a pretty tough few decades. While Capcom has been reviving the franchise with new ones in recent years Mega Man Legacy Collection packages and the release of games such as Mega Man X Divemany fans do their best to keep the series current.

Fans starved for new content outside of Capcom’s re-releases have taken to making some of their own games or revisiting some obscure ones Mega man editions. Some of these more obscure games were released for mobile phones, notably the DoCoMo Java-based i-Mode mobile phones. Companies like Capcom and Square Enix developed games for these phones, but most of them were lost due to the shutdown of these phone services.


Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection has passed the first major sales milestone

Capcom provides an update on the remastered Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, where it passed its first major sales milestone.

Thanks to the efforts of the fan group SciLab Secrets, the goal of preserving some of them has been lost Mega man games was achieved and released for fan download via the Rockman Corner fansite. These eight titles are Rockman EXE: Phantom of Network, Rockman EXE: Legend of Network, Rockman DASH: A great adventure on 5 islands, Rockman Pinball, Rockman GP, Rockman Panic Fire, Rockman Bug Sweeperand trial version of Rockman 1 which allows players to play as Roll, a humanoid robot who is believed to be Mega Man’s sister. All these games can be played courtesy of the DoCoMo Java (DoJa) emulator.

Emulated gameplay footage has been uploaded to YouTube showing how each of these games is played. Games like Pinball and GP were simple pinball and racing titles made for mobile devices. Bug Sweeper is a Mega man-themed minesweeper puzzle game and Panic fire is a puzzle game that tasks players with guiding the blue bomber to an exit while avoiding Fire Man’s attacks.

The more interesting games that were archived by SciLab Secrets would be two obscure ones Mega Man Battle Network games, The Phantom of the Web and A web legend, which are similar to the GameBoy Advance titles, but feature brand new original stories and NetNavis. The other would be A great adventure on 5 islandsa Mega Man Legends game, although it currently only includes the last level in the game.

Games saved by SciLab Secrets

  • Rockman EXE: The Phantom of the Web
  • Rockman EXE: Legend of Network
  • Rockman DASH: A great adventure on 5 islands (For Fifth Island only)
  • Rockman Pinball
  • Rockman GP
  • Rockman Panic Fire
  • Rockman Bug Sweeper
  • Rockman 1 playable as Roll (trial version only)

There are many more games currently being decrypted by the fan group, such as the rest of the content for 5 islandsas well as games like Rockman Tennis and Rockman Diver. Regardless, this is a huge win for video game preservation, as fans can now try out these incredibly obscure games they may have never heard of before.


Mega man

The Mega Man series follows the aptly named protagonist (called Rockman in Japan) as he battles the sinister Dr. Wily and his horde of robot masters. The long-running series features a wide range of well-known heroes and villains such as Zero, Dr. Wright, Roll, Vile, Bass, Metal Man and others. Players make their way through specially themed levels and defeat the robot masters there to obtain their weapons which can be used against other enemies.

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