Mike Flanagan’s new horror film has repeated the critical success of his latest Stephen King adaptation


  • Mike Flanagan’s new horror film, Chuck’s Life, is a return to the Stephen King universe and follows a successful formula from Flanagan’s previous King adaptations.
  • The film is based on King’s story and is divided into three acts in reverse chronological order, telling the story of Chuck Krantz, played by Tom Hiddleston, from childhood to death.
  • Flanagan has announced a cast that includes actors from his previous King films, which may contribute to the success of The Life of Chuck, although key actors such as Henry Thomas and Bruce Greenwood are still missing.

Mike FlanaganHis next horror film returns him to the Stephen King universe and already repeats some of the formula that made his previous Stephen King films so successful. Mike Flanagan earned his place among the horror masters with films like Oculus and silence and series like The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass. Flanagan has also become one of the few filmmakers to successfully bring Stephen King novels to life, and he adds another to his list with his latest project, Chuck’s life.

Based on King’s short story of the same name by If it bleeds novella, Chuck’s life is divided into three acts in reverse chronological order. They tell the story of Chuck Krantz (Tom Hiddleston) from his childhood when he was raised by his grandparents after being orphaned, to his death from a brain tumor at the age of 39. Chuck’s life doesn’t have a planned release date yet, Flanagan has already announced the full cast for this new project, and he’s bringing back actors from his past King films, which will surely be key to the success of this new film.

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The Life of Chuck Reusing Actors from Doctor Sleep Makes New Stephen King Movie More Exciting

Mike Flanagan’s first journey into the Stephen King universe took place in 2017 with Gerald’s Gamebased on the novel of the same name. Gerald’s Game was a critical success and two years later Flanagan returned with another King film: Doctor Sun. Adaptation of King’s novel of the same name and sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s novel The glow, Doctor Sun was a critical success, if not a commercial hit, but was instrumental in establishing Flanagan as a horror director to watch. Part of the success of Flanagan’s films about the King was their actors, who have some of his frequent collaborators.

Chuck’s life has veteran actors Stephen King who had also previously worked with Flanagan, such as Carl Lumbly (Dick Halloran in Doctor Sun), Violet McGraw (Violet v Doctor Sun), Jacob Tremblay (Bradley Trevor c Doctor Sun) and Kate Siegel (Sally in Gerald’s Game). Another King actor returning to this universe in Chuck’s lifebut who hasn’t worked in Flanagan’s past King films is David Dastmalchian, who plays Lester Billings in The boogeyman. All of these actors know and understand how to approach the themes in King’s films and have given great performances in past adaptations, making the chances of Chuck’s life so you can get bigger.

The Life of Chuck The cast is still missing some important Mike Flanagan/Stephen King actors

Henry Thomas in Pet Sematary Bloodlines

The cast of Chuck’s life features various frequent collaborators of Mike Flanagan, which makes the excitement around it grow even more, but it is still missing some key actors from Flanagan’s King films. The most notable absentee is Henry Thomas, who appeared in both Gerald’s Game and Doctor Sunbackground story Pet Sematary: Bloodlines (directed by Lindsey Anderson Beer) and any TV series by Mike Flanagan. Another missing actor is Bruce Greenwood, who plays Gerald Burlingame Gerald’s Game and Dr. John Dalton Doctor Sun. It’s still possible that Henry Thomas and Bruce Greenwood could join the cast of Chuck’s lifewhich further adds to its potential success.

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