Minecraft 1.21’s battleships continue the worrying trend among mobs in the game


  • An upcoming Minecraft update will introduce the armadillo mob and her lapel, which can be used to craft wolf armor.
  • Players voted for the armadillo in the crowd vote due to its cute appearance and useful mechanics.
  • However, there is a trend of newer mobs in Minecraft lacking gameplay impact and flexibility compared to older mobs.

MinecraftThe next update, 1.21, promises to add the armadillo mob and her shield, an item that can be used to craft wolf armor. However, this ability for players to dress up their furry friends is part of a recurring problem Minecraftthe crowds of.

The battleship is fighting a hard-won battle for its place in the next update. Finished first in Minecraftthe contested mob vote in 2023 not only because of its cute looks but also because of its mechanics. With only one winner per year, players naturally want to maximize the gameplay impact of the winning crowd. Being able to craft wolf armor with an armadillo’s shield beat both the extended reach of a crab claw and the speed boost that penguins could give boats. Considering how protective gamers can be of their in-game pets, this makes a lot of sense.


Minecraft 1.21’s upcoming Breeze Mob may inspire a whole series of Mobs

The upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update is set to introduce the Breeze mob, perhaps signaling the start of a new series of mobs for the sandbox title.

The battleship is part of a worrying trend

However, there is a problem with the armadillo step and their application in making wolf armor. Not the ability to craft wolf armor per se, but the fact that that’s all it’s focused on. While other crowd-voted winners have had some uses beyond what was specifically stated in the lead-up to their release, most crowd-voted winners in recent years (whether crowd-voted or not) haven’t had as many options as their predecessors. . Armadillos are another cutie Minecraft a mob with very little impact on the survival game. While the older mobs had a wide range of abilities and multipurpose drops, the newer creatures are closer to one-trick ponies.

How other Minecraft mobs can make a difference

Taking the humble spider as an example, these basic creatures are distinguished in many ways. They have less health than zombies, skeletons, or creepers, but a shorter body that can help them maneuver through tight spaces. They are slightly faster than the aforementioned mobs and attack with a punch. They can climb walls and are neutral during the day.

When killed, the spider eyes they drop not only serve as a final food source, but can be used in a variety of crafting recipes, including creating Minecraft‘s Fermented Spider Eye. This item can be brewed into Potions of Weakness, which are essential for healing zombie villagers. All of this is without listing the myriad uses of the string, their second downfall.

Compare the spider with a set of newer mobs, most of which come after The Nether Update (1.16). While this update added hoglins and piglins that occupy an ecosystem full of unique interactions and mechanics, many mobs that have been added since then aren’t as impressive. Minecraft‘s glowing squids act like normal squids but with a slight sparkly effect, one that doesn’t “glow” but isn’t affected by light levels alone. Their glowing ink drop has several uses for lighting up text on signs or item frames, but they still punch below their weight. From there it gets even more striking:

• The sniffer, after a long process, can dig up two seeds that grow into flowers of purely aesthetic value (except for dyes, which already have simpler recipes).

• Goats can jump and buck, but the fall of their horns only produces noise.

• Pandas and Polar Bears, although from before the Nether update, do not have unique drops or useful behaviors.

These examples follow a broader trend of Minecraft introducing new ideas without deepening existing systems; therefore, newer mobs that don’t interact with older systems (like spider eyes with the brewery or skeleton bones with farming) make the game less holistic. There are signs that Mojang is doing this with recent updates to the Minecraftbat, but to prevent new creatures from lacking the breadth of use found in their older ones, Mojang needs to look at upcoming creatures from the perspective of what already exists.

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