Movies for Your Monday – Jackson Goldstone, Cam Zink, Andreu Lacondeghi, Hilary Nelson and more

it’s fun. Join the Forbidden team Liam Baylis, Dylan Siggers, Zak Mouseau and Sophie Perrault as they share their unique perspective on Crankworx Whistler. It’s all about friends, riding bikes and, of course, having fun. Enjoy the show.

Beyond Borders – The Jackson Goldstone Story | Seeking Redemption | ep. 4: In Episode 4, Jackson takes us on a thrilling journey of redemption. After a series of ups and downs, he fights back with an incredible display of skill and tenacity. With two remarkable podium finishes securing 4th place in both races, Jackson not only redeemed himself but also sent a powerful message to the world of mountain biking – he is here to stay and his journey has only just begun. Now sitting second in the standings, Jackson enters the final two races with his sights set on the overall points lead and potentially another win to add to the season. Don’t miss this incredible story of endurance and passion as Jackson Goldstone defies the odds and proves that nothing can stop him in his pursuit of greatness.

For love: For the Love is a short film reflecting various narratives of involvement and love in the mountain biking community. Starring: Matt Eddleston, Talus Turk, Jacob Guthrie and Drew Barber

Cam Zink – 2023 Red Bull Rampage Winner: Cam Zink silenced all his critics last Friday by once again writing a new chapter in the freeride history books. At the age of 37, Cam secured his second Red Bull Rampage title with a descent that will be remembered for a long time. Thirteen years after his first win, he made a huge run, including a huge backflip on the monstrous Icon Sender.

Samantha Soriano – CLLCTV Vowels: For the latest installment of our Loud on CLLCTV series, we’re proud to introduce American freerider and positivity generator Samantha Soriano. A native of Colorado, Soriano moved to the desert landscapes of Utah to pursue his dream of freeride mountain biking and made a name for himself in the discipline and his community. Her episode “Voices” shows Samantha in her natural habitat and at her best as she creates effortless style and tricks in the landscape that has now not only become her home, but a landscape she’s been able to put her own stamp on it by creating her own freeride lines carved into the dirt. So sit back and enjoy the latest episode of an incredibly fun and exciting series of riders to watch.

Andreu Lacondeghi – The Best of Andreu Lacondeghi: Finding yourself lost in the unknown is what prompted Andreu Lancondeghi to return to Chile in early 2023. A legendary country with mountains and volcanoes that provide limitless contrasts. After months of self-exploration from north to south, Andreu managed to find the best freeride spots, from the Atacama Desert to the Araucaria forests of Patagonia. He also went to meet the adventurous locals to bring us these magnificent images, which he shares in his new documentary Lost in Chile. Rider/Director: Andreu Lacondeghi.

Pursuit of perfection: “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Mitch and Friends | Mitch’N Out | Season 2 Ep. 4: Follow along with Mitch Ropellato and friends on an epic summer ride home to Utah. Kermit Eastwood, Mitch’s tax attorney, wants nothing more than peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the office. But Mitch won’t let that happen. Mitch and crew break up Eastwood’s leisurely morning ride and turn it into a day of walking the best trails the Salt Lake Valley has to offer.

Cedar Dust Revival: Cedar Dust Pro Line, a premier ski jump line in Bellingham, Washington, came to life after the area was logged in 2017. It began as a genuine attempt to offer a professional ski jump line on Galbraith Mountain, giving riders a platform to push their riding to the next level. level. Over the years, it played a key role in creating a starting point for riders like Talus Turk and Hannah Bergemann, and eventually led to the birth of bigger, better jumps in the area, only to be overshadowed by its byproducts. In 2023, with the help of dedicated builders and under the vision of Talus Turk, Tenet stepped in as the trail’s new sponsor, breathing fresh life into this once forgotten trail. The result: a revitalized Cedar Dust Pro line ready for a new era of riders. Film: Spencer Arps.

Weekend gypsies: What’s better than a crew trip? Pack the bikes, fuel up the vans and hit the hills – join us as Will, Alfie, Andy, Sam and more. ride with the locals at Dirt Farm, Pontypool, VeloSolutions Pump Track and FlyUp 417. This is what bike commuting is all about…vibes, cycling and blowing your brains out on the last jump of the ride. Video: Will Easyy & SlowShred.

One step closer: Felix Prangenberg, Jordan Godwin, Dan Crook and Riley Smith take a trip to San Jose and San Fran. Filmed by all, edited by Felix Prangenberg.

Riley Smith – Can We Just Talk? Injuries can really take their toll on you, but Riley took each day as it came and didn’t let anything get in his way. Once he was able to ride at 100%, he wasted no time working with Grant Castelluzzo again to create this mind-blowingly epic video. Sit back and enjoy. Riley Smith; two words to remember.

Live fast: These poor bowls didn’t stand a chance.

Globe Skateboard part of Austin Gillette’s “Know You My Own Way”: Austin pours his heart into video parts, mixing powerful lines, impeccable form and innovative movements. From the hydrant hit to the finish, this global rip-off is of the highest order.

Jamie Thomas – 49 Tricks at 49: Jamie takes a trip to Miami to skate lot 11 and shoot 49 tricks for his 49th birthday. It’s still there.

Jeff Rowley – Skate Registry: Staples Center: In our new Skate Register series, we explore the history of iconic venues with the legendary pros who helped put them on the map. In the first episode, we visited the Staples Center with Jeff Rowley for a first-hand history lesson on his legendary frontside 5050. Ever since Jeff Rowley hit the Staples Center Hubba in 1999, the venue has literally become a staple of skateboarding history as a training ground for skaters. to separate from the group. Learn the full story of Jeff’s iconic frontside 5050, hear from Clive Dixon and Chad Fernandez about Rowley’s impact on the ground, and see what other tricks have been used on the giant hubba over the past 24 years.

Josh Dyke – Mountain State 2: Redemption. After all, that was the goal of Josh Dyke and his team in this follow-up to last year’s adventure. In the first mountain state, they embarked on a mission to find solitude and challenging lines in the middle of nowhere Nevada. But that one line had gotten the best of them, and there was no way they weren’t coming back to repeat it. You know who had different plans? Mother Nature, that’s who. She turned the snow tap on full blast and headed straight for Nevada, piling snow on the mountains in record fashion. Did they receive redemption? I guess you’ll have to watch to find out. Did they have some of the deepest days and ride some of the dumbest lines ever thought possible? You’re damn right they did.

BPC 2: These people do things a little differently on skis.

Free, in your body: Analogue short film by Dylan Seegers. There are many paths to fulfillment in one’s life. Midway through my life, filmmaking became my own. With it comes a sense of purpose and belonging. Finding the path to the greatest appreciation of each moment and trying to convey that feeling back to the audience is something akin to magic. Staying present when you experience beauty, yet capturing it to share with others, and presenting that feeling through film. With this latest project, I chose to shoot it entirely on analog film. Forcing a new sense of mindfulness about our decisions and acceptance of failure for every roll of film. Filmmaking forces me and my friends to learn lessons beyond just camera mechanics. With that came a sense of creative freedom in what we shot. It allowed me to focus the camera on what I felt was important to me, not just what I thought people would want to see on screen at the end of the year. With this I created a sort of personal journal entry; for my closest moments with friends and family in the winter. Taking time to just do something and let it go and feel Free in your body. Filmed by Jason Mannings, Alex Voss, Sophie Perrault, Peter Wojnar, Olivia Johnson, Nick Nolte, Steve Reed, Taylor Lundqvist, Jake Strassmann, Franz Perini, Lane Leskosek, Jarrad McCarl and Rob Huhle. Filmed in Fernie, Mioko, Brighton, Vancouver and Whitewater.

The Earth: In the spring of 2022, four The North Face team athletes, Emily Harrington, Brett Harrington, Christina Lusty and Hilary Nelson, embarked on the trip of a lifetime. Their climbing expedition and epic first ski descents on Baffin Island, Canada became a celebration – of their achievements, of their friendship and of their lives.​ In memory of Hilary Nelson, 1972–2022​ Director: Kaki Orr and Rob Wasmer.

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

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