Movies for your Monday – Loïc Bruni, Nico Vink, Carson Storch, Cami Nogueira, Nuge, The Blondes and more

Angie Marino – Out to Sea: Epic days in the desert with good people! Thanks to Ryan, Hayden and Talus for walking me through. Can’t wait to do more on the big bike in 2024! Video: Dan Foley.

Jerrell Webster – Development History: If by any chance this video finds you at the beginning of your mountain biking journey, congratulations. Jerrell Webster, whose life, story and riding happens to be the focus of this video, only started riding TWO YEARS ago! This is a story about progression… really, really fast progression.

Loïc Bruni x Nico Vink x Red Bull: Project – Loïc Bruni x Nico Vink x Red Bull: new song to their name. Loïc Bruni and Nico Vink unveil a sensational new mountain bike trail in Catalonia! Five-time world champion Loïc Bruni has teamed up with Belgian giant rider/shaper Nico Vinck to bring his own track to life. Production: La Clef Production. Framing: Alan Perreard.

Carson Storch – Work Hard, Play Hard: Busy spring of 2023, taking on a massive complex rebuild and some early season shredding. Video: John Reynolds. Additional cinematography: JP Purdom.

Cami Nogueira explores Chile: Surfing the cliffs.

Joassim Lundgren – Patience: Following Joacim’s part “Welcome To Inspired”, we wanted to continue working on the same format, but without the need to rush. With no clear deadline to begin with, we ended up shooting for just over a year, steadily gathering clips that we were both equally passionate about. Patience is key and applicable on many levels for this project. From finding spots to waiting for dry weather to revisiting tricks after a few hours and over 100 tries. The time and passion that went into creating this project is what makes it special to us and we hope that shines through in the final product. Huge thanks to Inspired for supporting Joacim!

Dig To Ride: Dig to Ride documents the complex trail-building systems of mountain biking and the mysterious figures who create them. This movie is more than mountain biking, it’s about the importance of community and the effort people put into it. Director: Trevor Vaughn.

Thibaut Lally – Duality: Duality is the portrait of a Breton man who discovers that he is into mountain biking. Not only on these small slopes of Broceliande. But to the four corners of the planet to participate in world cups and compete at the highest level in the discipline. Today, this Breton makes a living from his passion, and the road to get there was not easy. So even if he is not first in the championship, as soon as he goes, he is pure happiness! Video: Quentin Chaumy and Thibaut Baccarnet.

Colin Mullally – Local Songs: Colin Mullally rides the local tracks on his Frameworks DH bike. Rider: Colin Mullally. Video: Roman Tunbridge.

Martin Saida – Zocheli Narum: Spend some time in an autumn forest with the creator of Zoceli! Fast, powerful and tough, this is Narum. When you ride through the forests, you will get the same feeling as Aladdin on his flying carpet. Zoceli are handmade frames by Martin Saida from the Czech Republic.

Magnetar: Magenta. Our latest full-length DVD is now online for the world to see. We hope that by putting Magnetar on YouTube, we can spread even more widely to those who don’t have access to purchase a copy. Our goal is to build BMXs for life and inspire people of all ages for the right reasons. Pure BMX love. Thank you to everyone who supports us!

Falling into the woods: A collection of Fall 2023 trail riding footage at O’Hara BMX Trails.

Odyssey BMX – Best of 2023: 2023 is in the books! Here’s a collection of our favorite clips from various projects and trips last year. Many nice moments. Enjoy! Video: Zach Kreimas.

Epicly Later’d – Don ‘Nuge’ Nguyen: Epicly Later’d is back with a brand new season. In this premiere episode, we sit down with Don “Nuge” Nguyen to learn about his origins in Oklahoma, his move to California, and why Nuge is considered not only a legend, but a hero across the board.

Skateboarding at Pine Bridge: “Skateboarding at Pine Ridge” chronicles the construction of a skatepark and the lives of Lakota youth in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. After watching it, we hope you’re excited about the amazing work of the Stronghold Society, an organization dedicated to empowering youth through skateboarding, art and music. Director: Greg Hunt.

Etnies “Barge the Bloc” Video: Joslin sets the pace for the assembled ethnic squad as they chart a course from Prague to Poland, destroying demonstrations and chipping away at the dream granite blocks of Eastern Europe.

Jake Chatterley – Web Editing: A word from Jake: “This video means a lot to me. Every single clip has a story behind it and I’m excited to finally share this video with everyone. It’s been almost four years since I shot the first clip and I’m shocked to see it finally come together. We hope this video inspires you to get out there and try something new, it just might work! Always have fun and keep pushing yourself.”

Nebula: Pure, unadulterated bouldering on some of the Horseshoe Canyons and classic Cowell tests. We wanted to give a modern look to some of our favorite climbing classics, like the Dosage and Pure series. Bringing the big budget style we see in the mountain bike and snowboard industry to the world of climbing. Lugging over 2,000lb of lights and cameras through the woods of Arkansas, we spent 13 days over three years bringing you Nebulous.

Real Skifi Episode 20: We are proud to present Episode 20 – the latest edition of our most popular series. The video continues the tried-and-true formula: action-packed urban skiing with a creative twist. Skiing has been our passion for over 20 years. We hope this video inspires you to spend your well-deserved holidays following your passions and playing the sports you love.

How did we get here? Three Strange Animals: The Blondes. Their brains often work in sync. Together they thrive, feeding off each other in a symbiotic relationship. This type of blonde is a special specimen. Look at them and wonder. To the observer, it looks like absolute chaos. Who are they? How did they get here? Are they natural blondes? Janelle Yip, Emily Childs and Tone Quivick call themselves “The Blondes” and they only know one speed: Full throttle. How Did We Get Here? It’s a charming story about the journey three friends take, both on and off the mountain, to lead lives filled with passion and joy. The Blondes: Janelle Yip, Emily Childs and Tone Quivick. Directors: Clay Mitchell and Simon Shave.

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