My son’s kindergarten wants to bring a drag queen to family day

“The context is an ‘inclusive family celebration’ theme,” wrote a first-time mom before asking other moms for their thoughts.

Outrage over inappropriate drag show for babies

Her child’s kindergarten plans to bring in a drag queen as part of an “inclusive family celebration” — but she notes that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day aren’t celebrated at all.

Now she wrestles with her thoughts about it, wondering if she’s “too conservative” to think it might be “inappropriate.”

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“Am I lost?”

“Hey moms, what would you think about bringing a drag queen as guest entertainment to the nursery during Kindergarten?” she begins the post.

“The context is an inclusive theme for a family celebration – Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are not celebrated otherwise,” she continued.

“There are no other guests or entertainment planned. This is my first child so I have no other experience to draw on. I’m a little surprised, but I wonder if I’m just out of touch or being conservative.

“I’d love opinions and thoughts from fellow moms!”

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“Families come in all shapes and sizes”

Once the comments started pouring in, it became clear that the group of mothers were sharply divided on the issue.

Some have enthusiastically embraced the idea, advocating for inclusiveness and open-mindedness. Conversely, a group of mothers expressed reservations, saying the idea was inappropriate for a kindergarten.

“I’d be fine with that,” claimed one. “There are a lot of drag queens who do age-appropriate readings for kids. Families come in all shapes and sizes and presentation matters.”

“It really wouldn’t have bothered me if the performance was age appropriate,” said another.

Then this mom wrote: “I think it was wonderful! How fun for the kids!”

“Absolutely no problem. We as adults are the ones who sexualize it. Drag queens are not strippers. Children are never too young to learn about inclusion and diversity. It’s the adults who make things complicated and add prejudice,” another argued.

“Tasteless and inappropriate!”

“I’m a principal, I think there are much more appropriate things to show inclusivity, I don’t mind, but it’s not for me,” wrote one kindergarten principal.

“I’m sorry if I sound conservative, I really don’t have anything against anyone. However, for kindergartens, it is completely and absolutely tasteless and inappropriate! I feel like the whole premise of being a drag queen is sexuality and I would let the kids grow up a bit first and learn about different types of sexuality,” another group member wrote.

This person then chimed in, stating, “Personally, I would expect management to ask the parents of the enrolled children if they would be interested in such an event at their daycare center before booking a guest. You’ll also have to sign a release for the show, so if you don’t want to be a part of it, you don’t have to.”

“I wonder how a drag queen reflects the idea of ​​an inclusive family. I see a drag queen as a performer, not just a family member. I’m not excluding the LGBTQI lens here. Of course all kinds of people start a family .. I just don’t see the connection here,” wrote another.

This person then concluded, “I’m all for inclusion, but it’s a bit much for me in kindergarten. At the end of the day, you are the parent and you can choose what you think is appropriate for your child’s age. doesn’t mean you don’t tolerate or even celebrate diversity. We tell our kids that they’re allowed to feel how they feel, so that goes for adults too — just because someone thinks it’s age-appropriate doesn’t mean they agree.”

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