Nancy Cockerell passed: She was a fakir in world tourism

Nancy Cockerell breathed journalism and tourism for more than 50 years.

Born July 4, 1946 in Alexandria, Egypt, living in Geneva, Switzerland, and raised in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, graduating in 1967 from the University of Nottingham where she studied modern foreign languages, Nancy was well known for her high education. level positions related to travel, tourism, research.

  • The Economist Intelligence Unit 1986-2000
  • Travel & Tourism Intelligence, Managing Editor, 1998-2000 London, UK
  • WTTC: Senior Consultant May 1990 – May 2012
  • UNWTO: 1990
  • The Travel Business Partnership since 2000 as managing partner

She died on January 21. She was survived by her son Justin Alexander Cockerell, her daughter and three grandchildren.

Imtiaz Mukbil, Bangkok, Thailand

“I will always cherish the many energetic press conferences we shared in Berlin, London, Sydney, Perth, Cairo, Hong Kong and many other cities,” said Thailand-based travel journalist Imitiaz Mukbil in his LinkedIn post. “The global travel and tourism industry owes her a debt of gratitude.”

Imitiaz explained: Nancy writes extensively for various publications including the PATA Strategic Intelligence Center, The Economist Intelligence Unit and the UNWTO Barometer. She has also been a consultant for many years to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the Universal Federation of Travel Agency Associations, the International Hotel and Restaurant Association and the OECD.

Jurgen Steinmetz, Hawaii, USA

“When I saw Imtiaz’s post, I was shocked. I like to echo what he said,” added eTurboNews publisher Jürgen Steinmetz. “During my career at eTurboNews, I have met Nancy at so many different events and in so many places around the world. She was a tourism veteran and was so energetic, professional and kind. Tourism and journalism have been a major part of her life for more than 50 years. She will be missed.”

Professor Geoffrey Lippmann, Brussels, Belgium

Professor Geoffrey Lippmann was the former CEO of the WTTC and Assistant Secretary-General of the UNWTO, among other high-level assignments. He worked closely with Nancy for many years.

Lipman told eTurboNews:

It was hard to hear of Nancy’s passing – she was a constant presence in the tourism ecosystem for so many years.

We had been friends and colleagues for almost 50 years, since we met in Geneva when I was working at IATA (wearing what Billy Joel calls “the clothes of a younger man”) and Nancy was a freelance writer.

I quickly discovered that Nancy is friends with so many like-minded travel enthusiasts around the world.

Always smiling, always interested in what others are doing, and always putting pen to paper in a uniquely interesting and familiar way.

She was a master at getting through the boring numbers of tourism to the juicy parts and it was always fun to be with her in so many places around the world and in so many of the alphabetical organizations that make up the style of tourism – PATA, IHRA, IATA, UNWTO, WTTC Nancy was always there, lugging her trusty desktop-like laptop around.

Even when she was struggling with a serious illness, she was always there, always keeping some office moving.

Together we published a small aviation tabloid called Airplane Facts

She helped publish two EIU studies on opening up air transport in the 1970s.

She then helped write our first annual tourism satellite accounts surveys in the early days of the WTTC.

We also collaborated on the UNWTO Tourism Barometer and recently Nancy was a speaker for the think tanks we organized from SUNx Malta with our mutual friend Leslie Vella.

And Nancy has done much more – contributing to more than a dozen academic studies on tourism development in countries ranging from South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland and many others.

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