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In recent years, the perception of curly hair has shifted from a challenge to embrace to a celebrated statement of beauty diversity. This transformation is largely due to the influential spotlights cast by celebrities who have proudly displayed their curls, setting trends and redefining beauty standards. And in 2024, curling trends are more creative than ever, ensuring that all textures stand out.

Celebs like Zendaya, Kerry Washington and Solange Knowles have been pioneers, showcasing an array of stunning curly hairstyles that have captivated fans. Their embrace of their natural texture sparked a revolution, encouraging people to love and show off their own curls with confidence. From cascading coils to voluminous curls, these icons have worn a variety of styles, empowering others to explore and celebrate the versatility of curly hair.

While there’s never going to be a curly hairstyle that’s “out,” we tapped curly hair experts to give us their take on what curly cuts they’re loving for 2024. Save this to inspire your next look.

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