New Minors and Endorsements for the College of Arts and Sciences

This spring, Bethel’s College of Arts and Sciences is launching four new minors and two new endorsement options. These minors and endorsements can be added to any major, enhancing students’ ability to pursue their interests and passions in meaningful ways.

New academic offerings include a digital humanities minor, a media and performing arts minor, a military and diplomatic studies endorsement, a musical performance endorsement, a pre-law minor, and a social media minor.

“These new programs offer students clear pathways to explore their interests,” says Provost Robin Rilaarsdam. “They provide ways to delve deeper into topics and ideas that students encounter in their general education experience or in their major.” In addition to helping students explore their interests, minors and endorsements can also help prepare students for their future careers or postgraduate studies.

Digital Humanities Minor

Combining the traditional strengths of the humanities with knowledge of cutting-edge digital technologies, the Digital Humanities minor helps students gain the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Students who minor in digital humanities will enhance their preparation for careers in a variety of industries, such as marketing, design, technology, education, library and information science, and more.

Media and Performing Arts minor

The media and performing arts minor offers students the opportunity to pursue their passion for performance while developing advanced technical skills. Students will gain experience in media production, communication, acting, musical theater and opera. With this interdisciplinary approach, students will be prepared to tell and create meaningful stories in a professional setting.

Military and Diplomatic Research Confirmation

Students who add a Military and Diplomatic Studies endorsement will gain an in-depth understanding of the history and contemporary political context of the military and foreign service. This endorsement is well suited for students who are pursuing careers in the military or foreign service, or who bring military experience to their academic journey. Students will take courses in international relations, political science, and history that will help them develop valuable skills in research, critical thinking, and clear communication.

Confirmation of musical performance

The musical performance endorsement allows students to receive academic credit for their participation in private music lessons, musical ensembles, musical theater, and opera productions. Through the endorsement, students have the opportunity to perform with high-level ensembles and work with professional teachers and conductors, providing them with valuable experience that can be applied across career fields in innovative ways.

A minor before law

While law schools accept students from many majors, a law minor provides students with a solid foundation for future success. Pre-law courses help students develop research, analysis, and writing skills. Students will also be equipped with sound philosophical and ethical reasoning critical to success in law school and beyond.

A minor in social media

The social media minor provides students with the skills and knowledge to understand social media trends and develop effective strategies for businesses and organizations. Students adding a social media minor will have hands-on training in content creation, strategy development, and SEO practices. The minor is interdisciplinary, combining courses in business and communication studies to prepare students to enter the workplace with an understanding of multiple perspectives.

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