New Movies/TV in February 2023

The Independent, Top Gun: Maverick and Funny Woman head to Sky and NOW in February 2023 (Sky Cinema/Paramount/Sky UK)

It’s another busy month at Sky Cinema and NOW, headlined by the arrival of 2022 box office phenomenon Top Gun: Maverick to streaming. Tom Cruise reprises his titular role as an ace pilot, this time tasked with teaching some talented newbies how to handle the air.

Elsewhere, Sky Cinema’s original film The Independent stars John Cena as an independent candidate running for President of the United States, with Jodie Turner-Smith as the journalist who uncovers a tangled conspiracy surrounding the election.

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Meanwhile, on the TV front, there’s a new Road Trip series from the team behind A League of Their Own, while Gemma Arterton takes the title role in Funny Woman – playing a burgeoning comedy talent who rises to stardom in 1960s London.

Here’s what’s heading to Sky and NOW this month…

New movies on Sky Cinema and NOW in February 2023

Madness: The Get-Up! (February 10)

Combining live music with sketch comedy, this is a unique experience from the Madness boys. There are performances of all the band’s classic hits, including Baggy Trousers, House of Fun and Night Boat to Cairo, as well as fun capers. Comedy writer Charlie Higson worked with the group to put things together.

Rock Dog 3: Battle the Beat (February 11)

The continuing adventures of musically talented Tibetan Mastiff Bodie are the focus of this triquel, which features a vocal performance by Eddie Izzard. This time, Bodie (Graham Hamilton) works to restore the legend of music icon Angus Scattergood (Izzard) when contestants on a music show admit they’ve never heard of the star.

The Independent (24 February)

Jodie Turner-Smith stars as a political journalist in this twisted thriller directed by Amy Rice from a script by Evan Parter that appeared on the Best Unproduced Screenplay blacklist a few years ago. John Cena is an independent political candidate who runs for President of the United States, only for Turner-Smith’s character to uncover a conspiracy that could change the entire course of the race.

New TV on Sky and NOW in February 2023

Blood and Treasure S2 (February 1)

This action-adventure set in the world of priceless antiquities continues as FBI agent-turned-lawyer Danny McNamara teams up again with art thief Lexi Vaziri. This time, terrorists attack the Vatican and the duo find themselves on the hunt for a priceless artifact related to Genghis Khan.

Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis: Live at Lincoln Center, New York (February 4)

This special documentary combines the title performance of music stars Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis with interview segments featuring the duo. Filmed over two nights at Lincoln Center, the show is a mix of country music and jazzy blues.

The Rookie S5/The Rookie: Feds S1 (February 2/February 8)

Nathan Fillion returns for the fifth season of the police procedural drama The Rookie, in which he takes on the role of a 40-year-old man who becomes one of the oldest rookies on the LAPD when he joins. Meanwhile, the new spin-off The Rookie: Feds sees Fillion’s character team up with the oldest rookie at the FBI academy — played by Niecy Nash-Betts.

Funny Woman (February 9)

Gemma Arterton takes the title role in this sitcom that follows one woman’s rise in the world of television comedy in the 1960s. Adapting Nick Hornby’s 2014 novel Funny Girl, the series sees Barbara Parker win Miss Blackpool and move to London in search of fame. There she found a leading role in the series to make her name.

Andrea Bocelli: The Journey (February 13)

Featuring a number of musical guests, this documentary series follows renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli as he embarks on a journey through Italy to explore its culture and history.

A League of Their Own Road Trip S7 (February 17)

Jamie Redknapp and Micah Richards join a selection of comedy pals for a wild road trip across South East Asia in the latest travel doc from the sports-based panel game.

Django (February 17)

Set in the 19th century West, this new drama series is somewhat inspired by Sergio Corbucci’s film Django. Matthias Schoenaerts stars as a man searching for the daughter he believed survived the murder of his entire family eight years earlier, only to find her in the supposed utopian society of New Babylon. Noomi Rapace is also in the cast.

The S3 Equalizer (February to be confirmed)

Queen Latifah returns to reprise her role as skilled operative Robin McCall, who in this third season grapples with the increasingly blurred lines between her life as a vigilante for those who can’t stand up to herself and her family .

Fred West: The Glasgow Girls (TBC February)

This documentary series shines the spotlight on a very specific part of serial killer Fred West’s life, focusing on his first victims while living in Glasgow. The series is composed by an all-female creative team, so it offers a fresh perspective and focuses on asking questions about why the reign of terror wasn’t stopped sooner.

Guy Garvey: From the Vaults S4 (February TBA)

Elbow frontman Guy Garvey is back with another installment of his musical showcase From the Vaults.  (Sky UK)

Elbow frontman Guy Garvey is back with another installment of his musical showcase From the Vaults. (Sky UK)

Guy Garvey once again digs into the vaults of music history for Sky Arts to uncover unseen performances and interview clips from some of the biggest acts in the business. The Elbow frontman once again serves to guide audiences through material that sheds new light on the musical legends.

The Man Who Stole the Scream (TBC February)

During the 1994 Winter Olympics in Norway, former professional soccer player Paul Enger pulled off a daring art heist — grabbing Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream. This documentary explores the strange story as well as raises questions about whether Enger acted alone or whether there may have been another mastermind.

Shaq (February to be determined)

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal is the focus of this series, which uses interviews with the man himself to trace his rise to the top of the NBA and beyond to the huge cultural figure he is today.

Sky Kids renewal (February to be confirmed)

Long-standing brand Sky Kids gets a new linear channel in February and launches with a huge range of programs for young audiences, including 123 Number Squad!, Clifford, Cosmic Yoga: Yoga Adventures!, Dino Club, Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small, Morph and Where’s Wally.

Women Who Rock (TBC February)

Women Who Rock explores the influence of female pioneers from throughout the history of the music business.  (Fremantle/Sky UK)

Women Who Rock explores the influence of female pioneers from throughout the history of the music business. (Fremantle/Sky UK)

This documentary series honors the impact on the music industry of various female pioneers who turned a male-dominated business on its head to become legends. This is a four-part series featuring Shania Twain, Joan Jett, Sheryl Crow, Pat Benatar, and many other women who played a role in changing music forever.

Other Movies/TV on Sky Cinema and NOW in February 2023

February 3

Father Stu (2022)

February 4

Dakota (2022)

The Evil Dead (2013)

February 5

Evil Dead II (1987)

Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

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February 10

The Railroad Kids Return (2022)

February 12

Paradise City (2022)

February 17

Bullet Train (2022)

Prince of Darkness (1987)

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February 18

Lamborghini (2022)

February 19

Brian and Charles (2022)

February 25

The Invitation (2022)

February 26

Where is Anne Frank (2021)

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