New safety features available in Bali tourist taxi app

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Popular e-taxi service Grab has just launched a new set of safety features to protect tourists in Bali.

Grab is the leading online taxi service provider in Southeast Asia and its safety features are designed to make tourists, especially women and children, feel more comfortable.

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Speaking at the launch of the Grab Security and Safety Center event in Badung Regency this week, Indonesia’s Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection praised the taxi service provider for its great work.

Minister I Gusti Ayu Bintang Dharmawati said the protection of tourists, especially women and children, when using Bali’s public transport should be a top priority.

She shared her gratitude to Grab for going above and beyond to ensure that safety features are accessible and easy for everyone to use.

Minister Dharmavati told reporters: “This is an extraordinary breakthrough in providing security and comfort to tourists when they use this mode of transport.”

The Grab Security and Safety Center feature will now appear on the app for users in Bali.

The page contains emergency contact numbers, a list of local police stations, a list of nearby hospitals, a dedicated sexual assault hotline and details of embassies on the island.

Information is available in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin.

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The information can be accessed through the app by scanning the QR code that will be on promotional materials around the island or by visiting Grab’s website.

Minister Dharmavati added that the new feature and its availability throughout Bali are good times as the Christmas holidays approach and the tourism sector prepares to provide tourists with the best possible service.

She added: “We hope it can be an inspiration for other modes of transport.”

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Grab Indonesia’s managing director, Neneng Goenadi, told reporters: “This effort is part of our contribution to maintain the tourism image of Bali, which is a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists.”

Goenadi added: “We hope that the presence of this page will make it easier for travelers coming. Maybe this seems simple to those who already live in Bali, but it will help tourists.


And it’s true. Many tourists, especially female solo travelers, prefer to use online taxi service providers such as Grab, GoJek and Uber while traveling specifically for the safety protection that is already built into the app.

Grab says: “No user or partner should feel unsafe while using any of our services. Grab is always on standby to ensure a smooth and secure experience, no matter where you are or what service you choose to use.”

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Safety features include driver and delivery driver facial recognition.

This feature requires drivers and partners to authenticate and verify their identification using the app’s facial recognition technology at least once a day to ensure that only on-duty drivers use the driver account.

There is a 24/7 safety center where passengers can report any concerns to a dedicated operator. One of the most effective safety technologies available with Grab is ride monitoring.

Grab continuously monitors the passenger’s journey to detect unsafe scenarios and sends a warning notification to users in case they need support.


Grab is the safest ride-hailing service in Southeast Asia and is available for use throughout the island, including pick-ups and drop-offs at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Government leaders have repeatedly confirmed that tourists are allowed to use Grab and GoJek taxi services.

Over the years, however, there has been tension between local private taxi drivers and taxi drivers who feel that online taxi services undercut their fares and steal their customers; that’s why busy areas in popular resorts don’t have Grab and GoJek signs.

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