Not Zack Snyder or Christopher Nolan, Comic Book Movies Should Bow to 1 Most Incredible Visionary to Save Them

Superhero fatigue is a buzzword that has taken movie culture by storm, with more and more sections of the fanbase succumbing to it after mediocre box office numbers for Marvel and DC movies. With star-studded casts like Chris Pratt and Brie Larson underperforming at the box office, the future may look bleak for the genre right now. However, there is one beacon of hope for the genre that is in perhaps the most unlikely place.

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is a writer, director, producer, and actor, but he might also be the savior of the superhero genre. Having partnered with Amazon Studios for mega-hits like Invincible and The boysand producing films such as TMNT: Mutant Mayhem, Rogen established himself as the quintessential indie producer of superhero movies. His unique approach to comic book properties, especially those involving superheroes, could be the boost the genre needs to stay relevant in the industry.

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Seth Rogen approaches movies like a kid in a comic book store.

Fortnite x Invincible brings Skins, Back Blings and Pickaxes.
To Robert Kirkman Invincible

Seth Rogen seems to understand the way comic book properties work. The producer has officially stated that he approaches a comic book adaptation the way a kid would approach comics in a comic book store. The idea is to see how a property will grab the reader’s (or in this case the viewer’s) attention. Properties like Garth Ennis’s The boys and Robert Kirkman Invincible create a unique world for their superheroes to inhabit. This, along with their particular visual style, makes for a compelling narrative that can attract fans.

Another point in Rogen’s favor is the fact that he doesn’t shy away from being uncomically accurate. Plots don’t matter, only the worlds that are created. This is especially true for a property like The boys, which already takes a bunch of risks in its source material. Rogen, as a producer, green-lights a plot twist that’s more useful for the small screen, creating a show that’s equally compelling and entertaining without losing the essence of the source material.

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Despite Rogen’s experience in superheroes, Marvel and DC may still be in trouble

Brie Larson 2
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Despite the new wave of superhero fiction hitting the market thanks to Seth Rogen, that doesn’t mean it’s going to solve the problems that exist with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Universe. According to Rogen, the problem is the “process” of these films, ones that he admits have served these franchises well. But Rogen has his reservations about them. He says:

“We really have a pretty specific way of working; me and evan [Goldberg] have been writers for 20 years at this point. It’s fear of the process, frankly. And I say this without knowing anything about the process.

Given the degree of control Rogen enjoys over his content (and they’re better for it), structures like Marvel and DC, who have tons of studio influence over the works they put in, don’t favor the way Rogen and his longtime collaborator Evan Goldberg make their movies and shows. This, in the long run, could spell doom for Marvel and DC, given that Rogen’s entries in the superhero genre have critically outperformed Marvel and DC films for the most part, while earning significant commercial profits for all participating studios.

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