Økolyst emphasizes Scandinavian bone broth and healthy shots using hyaluronic acid and collagen

November 25, 2022 — At the Free From Functional Foods show in Amsterdam, Netherlands earlier this week, Denmark-based Økolyst showcased its biodynamic products, including its bone broth, an all-Scandinavian product using agriculture from Danish and Swedish farms . The healthy shots are made from ginger and turmeric from Peru and later produced locally in Denmark.

“We pressure cook the bone broth and add some vegetables, herbs and the bones. We cook it and get collagen and hyaluronic acid,” says Frederik Schröder, Director of Administration at Økolyst NutritionInsight.

“We test for heavy metals, so we know the purity, and we also test hyaluronic acid, a very functional component together with collagen,” Thomas Håkansson, co-founder and head of quality at Økolyst, tells us.

He explains that hyaluronic acid and collagen bond together in the skin, joints and eyes, creating smoothness.

“When you feel that the tears in your eyes are smooth, it is hyaluronic acid. Also the joint fluid and to avoid joint cracking you need hyaluronic acid in there so it’s a functional product.

Nothing goes to waste
When the bone broth liquid runs out, it is sprinkled on the collagen powder, explains Håkansson.

From left: Frederik Schröder, co-founder and director of administration and Thomas Hokansson, co-founder and head of quality, Økolyst.Water is removed from neutrally boiled bone broth and the neutral flavor allows it to be used in cooking and baking or in smoothies. In addition, nothing is lost during the entire process, as the calcium and bone matrix are made into a powder.

“We actually use everything because when we’ve cooked the bones and used the liquid part of them, we dry out the calcium matrix that’s left behind [the bones] and make it powder. Usually, when you get calcium from the drugstore, it’s calcium carbonate or calcium citrate, and it’s not very bioavailable. Here, calcium is already bound to phosphorus, and you need phosphorus to get calcium into the bones,” explains Håkansson.

In addition, it contains trace minerals such as zinc and magnesium, making it a full-spectrum supplement for bone support.

“We have a variant prepared without nightshades such as tomatoes, potatoes, various peppers and the like. Different people with inflammatory issues react to nightshade vegetables and get inflammation in the body,” he says.

It is gluten and lactose free as it does not contain dairy or wheat. It is also free of preservatives and additives.

Volcanic soil
Ginger Turmeric Shots are also gluten-free and certified vegan.The soil in Peru is volcanic and full of trace elements, which makes ginger very spicy.

“The shots we have are biodynamic, so we get them from a farm in Peru, where we have ten farms that grow the ginger and turmeric that we use. Biodynamic is a step above organic because instead of using some pesticides and antibiotics, in biodynamic production you are not allowed to use anything of that kind.

He goes on to explain that in biodynamic production it is extremely important to pay attention to the health of the soil and emphasize nourishing it with good nutrients. The soil in Peru is volcanic and full of trace elements, which makes ginger very spicy.

Håkansson says he had joint problems from an early age. He changed his diet six years ago and looked for ginger or turmeric without added sugar, since sugar is pro-inflammatory in the body, which led him and Fredrick to formulate the health shots.

He says he had arthritis in his joints for many years and his bones and joints were breaking down, which led to the impetus to create the bone broth.

By Beatrice Wihlander & Benjamin Ferrer, reporting live from the Free From Functional Foods Expo in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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