onsemi and VW Group Cement Strategic Collaboration on Silicon Carbide Technology for Next Generation Electric Cars with Strategic Agreement

PHOENIX-(BUSINESS WIRE)–all of them (Nasdaq: ON), a leader in smart energy and sensor technologies, today announced that it has signed a strategic agreement with Germany’s Volkswagen AG (VW) to provide modules and semiconductors that enable a complete inverter electric vehicle (EV) solution for the next VW family of platforms for a generation. The semiconductors are part of an overall system optimization and provide a solution that will support the front and rear traction inverters in VW models.

As part of the agreement, all of them will deliver as a first step its EliteSiC 1200 V traction inverter power modules. The EliteSiC power modules are pin-to-pin compatible to easily scale the solution to different power levels and motor types. Teams from both companies have been collaborating for more than a year to optimize the power modules for the next-generation platform, with pre-production samples under development and evaluation.

“The superior performance and quality of all of themThe traction inverter modules of together with our joint efforts to create the best system solution allow us to deliver the exceptional driving experience and quality that customers expect from a VW Group vehicle,” said Carsten Schnacke, Head of Operations and Strategy Working Group COMPASS for semiconductors at Volkswagen AG. “all of themThe broad portfolio of smart power and sensor solutions further enables us to offer cutting-edge technology and features in our EVs, from the traction inverter and beyond. Apart from this cornerstone, all of them with its balanced location of manufacturing facilities in the US, Asia and Europe, including the plant in the Czech Republic, is the perfect match to support our strategic markets with all high voltage solutions and much more.”

With 19 wafer and packaging locations, all of them provides VW with more than 500 different devices – including IGBTs, MOSFETs, image sensors and power management integrated circuits (PMICs). In addition to its diverse portfolio, all of them has a vertical Silicon Carbide (SiC) manufacturing chain that includes bulk growth, deposition, substrate, epitaxy, device manufacturing, best-in-class integrated modules and individual package solutions that perfectly support a secure supply chain.

“Our broad manufacturing footprint – including a sustainable end-to-end SiC supply chain – enables the all of them to provide the delivery assurance that OEMs require,” said Simon Keeton, executive vice president and general manager, Power Solutions Group, all of them. “Our investment in increasing global production, particularly in silicon carbide, further enables us to support VW’s rapidly scaling EV production.”

The inverter solution for electric vehicles consists of all of themEliteSiC 1200 V 3x half-bridge modules and this system solution supports inverters on both bridges covering a wide power range.

For more information on EliteSiC, visit onsemi.com.

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