Overwatch 2’s LE SSERAFIM special mode shouldn’t continue the disappointing trend


  • The collaboration between Overwatch 2 and LE SSERAFIM received positive feedback, with the live performance, music video, cosmetics, and game mode being successful.
  • The Concert Clash game mode in Overwatch 2 became extremely popular and set a new standard for crossovers in the game.
  • Blizzard should consider making Concert Clash a permanent mode in Overwatch 2’s arcade game due to its unique gameplay, fast-paced atmosphere, and musical experience.

The Overwatch 2 and the LE SSERAFIM collaboration was the first hero shooter music collaboration in the game. The K-pop partnership, while unexpected, proved successful, with the live performance at BlizzCon 2023, the “Perfect Night” music video, cosmetics, and game mode garnering positive reviews. However, with Concert Clash set to be removed from Overwatch 2 on November 21st, Blizzard should consider breaking old habits.

Although Concert Clash reused several elements of the Busan downtown map for the event, the game mode established itself as one of a kind. It has become so popular that some consider the collaboration with LE SERRAFIM to have set a new standard for Overwatch 2 crossovers. Unfortunately, for those who can’t get enough of the chaotic 3v3 game mode, this collaboration is reaching the end of its 20-day life.

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Overwatch 2’s Concert Clash should be a permanent arcade feature

Over the past few seasons, Blizzard has done well in providing its player base with a wide variety of unique arcade game modes. For those who get tired of playing unranked or competitive, those with limited time Overwatch 2 events can be a breath of fresh air. These modes include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Trials of the Sanctuary
  • Summer games
  • Mischief and magic
  • Starwatch: Galactic Rescue
  • “Catch Marie” by Roadhog
  • Battle for Olympus Deathmatch

Overwatch 2’s LE SERRAFIM game mode could forge a new path

Overwatch 2 Concert Clash-1

While several of these special game modes were well received, Concert Clash may have the most reasons to stick around. While wearing LE SERRAFIM themed skins, each team of three must choose their hero carefully, as they can only choose from a limited list of five heroes. Also, not only does Concert Clash fulfill point objectives to capture, but players also need to acquire 25 concert tickets to emerge victorious.

The fast-paced atmosphere and musical experience should be reason enough to make Concert Clash a permanent fixture in Overwatch 2 arcade. If needed, Blizzard can always rework the mode to be a general show instead of a LE SERRAFIM concert, if that means people can still play it. However, the cute cosmetics and main theme are probably a big factor in people playing it so much.

If the developers choose to keep Concert Clash, it could pave the way for other limited-time events. While some modes such as the Junkerstein’s Revenge series and the Halloween-themed Summer Games are expected to return each year, many of the other game modes are often forgotten after their arcade run ends. The Battle for Olympus Deathmatch returned in Season 4, and the 2023 anniversary celebration brought back several other game modes, but like its predecessors, these resurrections were only temporary.

Of course, if Concert Clash becomes a staple of the arcade game, it probably won’t give players the legendary Fawksey James Junkrat skin or the Bias Wrecker title. This would make sense considering that many people had to grind this game mode for hours to complete these challenges in the initial time frame. Regardless, Concert Clash’s charming aesthetic and innovative gameplay make it a game mode worth considering for permanent inclusion in Overwatch 2. It would be a real shame if the unique charm of this collaboration was lost by November 21st.

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