POSCO Chemical receives approval to use cathode core technology in overseas plants

POSCO Chemical can now use its cathode manufacturing technology, a national core technology, in its overseas production bases.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy recently held a meeting of the Industrial Technology Protection Committee* and approved the overseas export of “technology used in the design, manufacture and processing of cathodes with a nickel content of more than 80%”, a national core technology owned by POSCO chemical.

* Industrial Technology Protection Committee: A joint public-private organization that meets to discuss tasks related to the protection of industrial technology, such as determining national key technologies and approving their export, as well as approving overseas mergers and acquisitions (Chairman: Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy).

National core technologies refer to technologies for which the government has set strict security requirements for export abroad due to their high technological and economic value, as well as their high potential for growth in the relevant industries.

The use of these technologies in factories abroad requires approval from the Committee for the Protection of Industrial Technology in accordance with the “Law on the Prevention of the Spread and Protection of Industrial Technology”. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy has identified and declared 75 technologies in 13 sectors, including semiconductors, electrical electronics and steel, as national core technologies.

The technology used in the production of high-nickel cathode material is essential for increasing the range of electric vehicles. The Industrial Technology Protection Committee approved its exportation after carefully examining POSCO Chemical’s level of technological protection and its impact on battery production and the national economy.

POSCO Chemical is actively expanding joint partnerships with global automotive manufacturers and materials companies, as well as developing its mass production capacity at its plants in North America, Europe and China in response to the rapidly growing electric vehicle market and increased protectionism in each country.

The approval is expected to provide POSCO Chemical with the foundation it needs to produce high-nickel cathode, a key material in high-efficiency EV batteries, at Ultium CAM in Canada and ZPHE in China, two of its overseas cathode manufacturing corporations.

The approval will not only help POSCO Chemical position itself ahead of its competitors, but is also expected to facilitate the company’s entry into other overseas regions besides North America and China.

Ultium CAM, a joint venture formed by POSCO Chemical and GM, has plans to complete construction of its high-nickel cathode plant with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tonnes in Quebec, Canada by June 2024, with production expected to start in early 2025.

ZPHE, a joint venture between POSCO Chemical and Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt, a Chinese cobalt producer, is also working to increase its cathode production capacity from the current 5,000 tons to 35,000 tons, starting with 20,000 tons in June 2024 and an additional 10 000 tonnes by June 2025.


  • The high nickel cathode manufacturing technology has been approved by the Industrial Technology Protection Committee for manufacturing by POSCO Chemical’s joint corporations in North America and China.
  • The overseas cathode manufacturing system was expected to fuel the company’s expansion into the global market.

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POSCO Chemical Receives Approval to Use Cathode Core Technology at Overseas Plants January 6, 2023

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