PR Transformation: Maximizing AI Technology for the New Era of PR | by Clarissa Fitria Salsabilla | December 2023

Exploring AI technology for the future of PR

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In the current digital age, it is difficult to meet someone who is not familiar with the term AI, which stands for artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence itself refers to engineered intelligence designed to simplify human life. In the past few years, AI has undergone rapid development, transforming various aspects of life, especially in the field of work, including the field of public relations (PR).

As PR practitioners, we are compelled to keep abreast of trends and the latest developments in the industry, including technological advancements. In this regard, the use of AI in the PR profession can greatly aid efficiency and productivity in dealing with everyday PR tasks. In Indonesia, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Budi Arieh Setiadi mentioned that the implementation of AI technology will indeed facilitate PR practitioners in improving their communication with the public (, 2023). Therefore, this article will look at 5 AI applications that can simplify the work of PR practitioners.

  1. Melted water

Meltwater is an AI-based platform designed to help PR professionals analyze media to understand and manage brand image around specific topics. This AI provides several dashboards that help in monitoring, benchmarking and analyzing social media activities. The app actively monitors social media, news sites and online forums to track how much a company’s brand or a specific topic is being discussed. Through this platform, PR practitioners can easily make more informed decisions in planning more effective communication strategies and managing brand image more effectively. This allows PR practitioners to be more responsive, adaptable and proactive in dealing with the communication aspects of the companies they represent.

2. CoverageBook


CoverageBook is a platform that helps PR professionals create media coverage reports more efficiently and in a more structured way. This type of AI helps streamline the PR reporting process, including media placements, audience reach and article sentiment from various platforms such as online articles, social media posts and TV coverage. On the other hand, the advantage of this AI is its ability to make our reports easier to read and visually appealing. By providing a comprehensive overview, this tool greatly assists PR practitioners in communicating strategies or efforts to clients or stakeholders in a more accessible and visually engaging manner.

3. TrendKite


TrendKite is a platform that helps PR practitioners provide in-depth analysis of the impact of PR campaigns. This AI performs data analysis from various media sources to offer a more comprehensive overview of a PR campaign’s performance. The benefit of using this AI lies in its ability to analyze not only public sentiment — such as positive, negative, or neutral conversations — but also provide insight into how our campaign messages are being interpreted by the public. This AI really helps the PR practitioner to make smarter strategic changes and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

4. A cup


Agolo is an AI-based application designed to simplify and summarize news articles, making information easier to digest in a short period of time, while staying abreast of changes on the internet. This helps PR professionals speed up decision-making processes and improve responsiveness to changes in the business environment or related industries when producing effective reports or communications.

5. Cision Communications Cloud


Cision Communication Cloud, the AI-based application, helps PR professionals manage campaigns from planning and execution to effective evaluation. This optimization enables subsequent campaign strategies to be improved for potentially greater effectiveness. The application also helps in identifying and understanding relevant stakeholders related to the brand or company being represented, allowing PR practitioners to design communication strategies that better align with these stakeholders. Indirectly, this AI contributes significantly to the management of the brands or companies they represent.

So, are you captivated by the revolutionary power of AI in reshaping the PR paradigm? With increased efficiency, this technology opens doors to unlimited possibilities for PR practitioners. Are you also feeling tempted to explore this new path in PR?

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