Rakul Preet Singh’s commitment to fitness is simply amazing; look

“You did so well ❤️❤️,” her coach captioned the video on Instagram.

rakul preet singhCheck out Rakul Preet Singh’s latest fitness outings (Source: Rakul Preet Singh/Instagram)

Rakul Preet Singh isn’t just dedicated to her fitness routines – whether it’s pilates, cardio or simple bodyweight training – she also likes to challenge herself and try new variations. As such, the actor often posts moments from her comprehensive combinations and even makes some challenging moves. If you’re also a fan of the actor’s commitment and flexibility, here are some recent videos of her in which she can be seen doing some interesting workouts. Look.

In the first video shared by her coach MFT Harrison James, she can be seen doing box jumps with a slight variation of back kicks. “You did it so well,” he captioned the post.

How do box jumps help?

Box jumps help build explosive power, said Varun Ratan, co-founder of The Body Science Academy, Noida. “That means you produce more force in less time. It’s good for training the fast-twitch muscle fibers called type 2 muscles,” Ratan said. However, the expert warned Rakul. “The combination of butt-kicking exercises will only tire you out quickly, which can mess up jumps and can lead to falls.”

In another video shared by Rakul on her Instagram, she can be seen doing a combination of bodyweight exercises. Look closely.

“Let’s adjust to the rhythm. #challengeaccepted,” Rakul captioned the post.

“As a challenge, it’s a fictional exercise. It’s a combination of push-ups, plank jack, low plank to high plank,” shared Ratan.

How does the challenge help?

According to Ratan, the exercise can “increase the working time of the muscles under tension to get the most out of the session.” “This combination will also raise Heart rhythm in fewer repetitions compared to a single exercise,” he told indianexpress.com.

What to keep in mind?

“Creativity is the coach’s prerogative. All challenging routines are good as long as they serve a purpose and aren’t just for Instagram likes,” shared Ratan.

What more?

I am paying attention to pose, Ratan emphasized. “Long combos have the potential to tire you out faster, and one shouldn’t focus on hitting a certain number of reps if form is compromised early in the set,” Ratan said.

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