Rethink business workflows with AI-powered automation

Rethink business workflows with AI-powered automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is delivering rapid change for Australian businesses, raising customer expectations, generating new competitive challenges and creating opportunities for new products and services.

This rapid change requires a rapid response, but the strength of that response depends largely on two factors – the flexibility of systems and processes and the availability of skilled workers to manage them.

More than ever, it’s critical that workers don’t spend their time doing low-value and repetitive tasks, or using systems and tools that stop them from doing what matters most.

The solution to this challenge is automation, and in this era of accelerated change, the factor that enables automation solutions so much is also why they are so critical now – AI.

Tungsten Automation delivers the benefits of AI-driven automation through a comprehensive set of capabilities that can automate everything from low-value and repetitive data entry tasks to highly complex activities such as risk analysis and fraud detection.

It does this by incorporating the latest AI capabilities in areas such as natural language processing, generative AI and decision-making AI to help organizations manage processes, derive insights and make better decisions.

Automation for the AI ​​Age

While the name may be new, Tungsten Automation’s experience dates back more than 40 years under the Kofax brand.

The new name reflects the company’s evolution to a cloud-based delivery model powered by AI, and this transition is essential to help organizations transform and automate complex tasks in business, finance, document automation and security.

The integration of AI into Tungsten Automation’s service offerings is organized around three key pillars.

First, generative AI enhances staff and customer engagement with automated processes, enabling the creation of more natural and “human” experiences.

Second, decision-making AI enables customers to more easily mine and analyze data so they can make better decisions and take action with greater confidence.

And third, Tungsten Automation’s low-code solutions ensure that customers can accelerate time to value from their automation implementations.

Value-based results

Incorporating AI into cloud-based automation enables Tungsten Automation customers to quickly deploy solutions that free people from low-value or repetitive tasks to focus on the actions that matter most, such as those that create new business opportunities or improve customer service.

These can range from improvements in backend processes such as employee onboarding, claims processing or customer awareness activities to complex tasks such as business decision making and predictive analytics. These capabilities can also be applied to improve specific tasks such as invoice processing, where AI proves adept at fraud detection and prevention.

These capabilities build on Tungsten Automation’s existing strengths in digital workflow transformation and security and ensure that the right information is available to the people who need it at the right time.

Embracing AI means Tungsten Automation can revolutionize data-intensive workflows by transforming intelligent document processing and process orchestration and enabling customers to develop new capabilities that can automate complex workflows.

In some cases, customers are taking these AI-powered automation capabilities and using them to create entirely new business processes and revenue streams that may have been too expensive or labor-intensive to consider before.

And all of these capabilities are enhanced by Tungsten Automation’s extensive network of qualified partners.

Automation for the future

In the 1940s, Kofax built a reputation as a trusted leader in intelligent automation, trusted by customers for the most workflow-intensive, business-critical processes, and now, as Tungsten Automation, the company has created the cloud and AI foundations needed to drive its customers to the future.

And just like the metal from which it takes its name, Tungsten Automation has the strength and reliability that customers can trust to respond with confidence in these changing times.

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