Revealing children’s clothing is a trend that needs to stop

By Melanie Sanchez

Every day, children are taken and sold into sex trafficking groups. Hundreds and thousands of children have been reported missing after being abducted. Many families have no idea or don’t know what happened to their children. Despite this scary reality, many parents still dress their little girls in clothes that would be seen on a teenager and that expose the child’s body to the public.

Many kids these days are seen in crop tops, belly t-shirts, sports bras, strapless shirts, plunging shirts, short shorts, mini skirts, skinny jeans, skinny leggings and many other revealing clothes. While some outfits are considered “cute,” how far is too far when it comes to this topic? The child should not wear revealing clothing to stay cool. They can wear a T-shirt made of light fabric and shorts that reach the knees. There is no excuse for a child to be wearing a crop top and shorts that don’t even reach the tips of their toes. These exposed outfits make them an easier target for predators. They display their body to potential predators and attract the eyes of many other dangerous people. Every 40 seconds a child goes missing. It is estimated that 2,300 American children go missing every day. It was also stated that around 460,000 children go missing every year. With statistics this high, parents should have an incentive to keep their young children safe and minimize the chances of their child being the next child to be taken away. However, with children dressed provocatively, they put their children in danger, allowing them to become easier targets for child predators.

Parents who dress their children in provocative clothing do not realize that they are part of the problem. Many young parents are guilty of dressing their children this way. Many fast fashion websites, such as Shien, Amazon and Temu, sell Mommy and Me outfits that dress up the child as the mother. These outfits are always too revealing for a child to wear, especially since these outfits are made for children who are still in toddler clothes. There is no reason for a mother to dress her toddler in clothes that reveal most of his body. There is no excuse why a mother would buy these clothes for toddlers. No kid needs a shirt that barely covers his belly. The first parents who shouted “Save our children” are also the same parents who dressed their children in clothes that made them most vulnerable to predators.

Clothing companies and social media trends are also to blame for the rise in children wearing revealing clothing. They design and produce clothes that are popular on social media for kids to earn money. Kids don’t have to be dressed up like the latest TikTok sensation. These girls are becoming famous for dancing in provocative clothes, which is not something young children should watch. Fashion clothes for teenagers need not be copied for children under 13 years of age. This creates a negative image of children and their bodies.

Dressing your children this way can also cause serious mental problems. Children who dress this way at an earlier age usually grow up too quickly. This can lead them to be more promiscuous at a young age because the clothes they wear also make them feel like adults. This can lead to children not abstaining from sexual activities and possibly engaging in such activities with older people. They may also fall into drugs, alcohol, and other harmful substances at an earlier age because they have a false sense of having grown up. This can also lead to depression as the child matures because they realize they were never children as they tried to grow up too fast.

In conclusion, dressing up kids as teenagers is a terrible idea. This makes them easy targets for predators and ruins their mental health. There is no reason for a two-year-old to be dressed in short shorts. There is no excuse why a six-year-old should wear a top in public. If we’re trying to save our children, let’s start by making them less of a target for the predators that live among us.

Melanie Sanchez is a student at Spring Hill High School.

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